Founder of Olivanna, Janine Summers shares how she created a skincare brand to empower and inspire women with natural formulations.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I wake around 6.15am, take a swim and then check my emails before waking my teenage daughters.
I’m typically English, so I have to start my morning with a pot of tea, followed by a walk in the garden with my dogs. My skincare routine takes place once my daughters have gone to school, and I can then take some time for myself. I always use our Vitamin C brightening serum followed by our SPF Sun defence drops.

Can you tell us more about your own skincare routine?

My morning skin care routine is all about hydration and protection. I start the day off with our Rosewater & Chamomile Cream Cleanser, followed by Vitamin C Serum which brightens and protects against UV-induced cell damage. I follow this with Bakuchiol Restoring Eye Cream to awaken my eyes, our Day Moisturiser to hydrate and nourish my skin. I finish off with a few drops of Sun Defence, which is a mineral SPF that protects against UV rays as well as shielding from blue light and environmental pollution. It also contains niacinamide which helps with any redness. In the evening, I always double cleanse with our Soothing Seed Oils Cleansing Balm and Cream Cleanser to remove all dirt and impurities. This is the time of day where I can take a little self-care and take the time to have the luxury of applying products. I apply our Miracle Night Serum, followed by our night cream which locks in our retinol-alternative serum to target fine lines and wrinkles, followed by our Restoring Eye Cream to hydrate my undereye. I finish off with my Intense Repair Night Cream to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate my skin overnight. Always place night cream on your neck and the top of your hands – we often forget this when we are in our thirties… thankfully my mother taught me this beauty secret… I now place our SPF defence drops on the top of my hands too

What inspired you to launch the skincare brand Olivanna?

Launching Olivanna was inspired by my daughters, with the desire to create a skincare line formulated specifically for younger complexions. Many of the products we use are not suitable for younger skin, so this line ensures there is no adverse reaction. At Olivanna, we believe in a generational approach to skincare and have formulated a range for women alongside a range for younger skin.

The brand believes in the strength of nature – was this the vision from the outset?

I was an early adopter of organic and natural beauty, so Olivanna absolutely had to follow my values and beliefs. Nature offers a vast array of botanical wonders, each with its unique properties and benefits. Olivanna harnesses the strength of botanical actives by carefully selecting the finest ingredients.

How do you carefully source your ingredients to ensure they’re gentle on the skin?

Our Signature Soothing Complex consists of the finest British grown botanicals. Our soothing trio of anti-inflammatory actives helps to gently balance and protect the skin’s delicate microbiome from pollution and environmental aggressors. We use the highest concentration of antioxidant rosemary extract, redness reducing cornflower and soothing organic chamomile to deliver maximum results.


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The label’s packaging comes in artisan glass bottles. How has sustainability been a focal point for the brand?

Sustainability has been a focal point for Olivanna from the beginning and extends to every aspect of the business including our packaging choices. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and promoting eco-conscious practices throughout Olivanna’s journey. Our artisan glass bottles are designed to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle amongst our customers. They can be re-purposed or recycled, making it an eco-friendly choice that reduces waste and minimizes the use of new resources

What product would you suggest to someone first trying Olivanna and why?

I would highly recommend our award winning, Intense Repair Night Cream, enriched with collagen
boosting organic cotton thistle, squalane and hyaluronic acid. It’s such a luxurious, rich cream and contains our soothing ingredients along with ceramides that rejuvenate and repair the skin whilst you sleep.

The brand is formulated with the young skin in mind. Was focusing on natural formulations key from the outset?

My two daughters were the inspiration behind Olivanna and eventually led me to create Olivanna for younger complexions. Like any mother, I only want the best for their young skin and realized how many actives in many skincare products would cause a harsh reaction. Our younger skincare line is designed specifically for younger complexions, formulations that are superfruit infused and science led, whilst being clinically proven to deliver results.

Olivanna is high-performance, how does it deliver optimal results?

By harnessing the power of our finest, botanical ingredients rich in omega and antioxidants, their nourishing properties ensure healthier and more radiant skin is visible. Our high-performing, formulations are created to target specific skin concerns, namely hydration, soothing, or anti-ageing. By providing visible improvements in skin health and appearance, our products empower all women to feel confident and beautiful in their skin. Olivanna encourages women to indulge in a daily ritual of self-care through our clinically proven, luxurious botanical range of products.

Olivianna products

This is The Trailblazer Issue – to you, what does it take to be a trailblazer?

Setting yourself apart from the competition, always have integrity and confidence in your approach, ignore any critics and always forge ahead. Know the competitive landscape and aim to do everything with a difference and better. It’s a lot of hard work, but I’m lucky to have an incredible team to implement my vision – so value those around you that help make it happen and take them on the journey with you.

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