It’s every parent’s worst nightmare — but the only thing worse than a medical emergency or accident involving your child is it happening when you’re not prepared to handle it.

Former A&E nurse Annie Browne’s new first aid course is designed around children and aims to ensure that when accidents happen, they don’t devastate.

Here are her best tips for keeping kids safe in the home. 

1.  Never leave your children with a maid or babysitter who is not first aid trained.

2.  Keep windows and balcony doors locked.

3.  Ensure that children are supervised at all times near pools, paddling pools, baths and other water features.

4.  Cut up soft fruit for very small children and never leave them alone when they are eating.

5.  Keep medicines in locked cupboards and do not take them in front of children.   They can sometimes look like sweets.

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6.  Keep all lower cupboard doors shut with child safety locks.

7.  Change corded window blinds to safety blinds.

8.  Teach your child to be aware of adults asking them to do something they are not comfortable with, even if they are known to the family, and to tell a trusted adult straight away.   

9.  Put the numbers for the Police, Ambulance and Civil Defence (fire department) on the fridge.  Have a fire escape plan and practice it twice.

10.  Have a well-stocked first aid kit in the home. And, of course, take a first aid course.

Anne Browne is the founder of Health & Safety Solutions Middle East (HSS). For more information visit

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