Another win for women in The Kingdom

Saudi Arabian domestic budget airline, Flynas, is set to take off with female flight attendants this month – a first for the Kingdom. This milestone will be achieved after the first batch of stewardess graduate from the Saudi flight programme.


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Weeks after the driving ban was lifted back in 2018, the Saudi Oxford Aviation Academy opened their doors to aspiring women pilots. Flynas followed suit allowing women to join its Future Pilots programme whilst also recruiting female flight attendants.

Airline representatives spoke with the Saudi Gazette about their historical hirings: “The first group graduating from the Saudi flight program is a continuation of programs to localize aviation and empower women.” The Saudi carrier will take women’s needs into consideration when it comes to their working hours, factoring in their family life.

In a statement released by the airline, CEO Bander Al-Mohanna revealed that they intend to hire over 300 Saudi men and women over the span of the next two years. The company is also setting plans to hire Saudi women to work as pilots, a move that aims to give Saudi women a greater role in supporting the nations economy.

We can’t wait to see what other barriers Saudi women break!

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Media: Getty