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Pucker up

Gone are the days of gloppy and gooey tubes of lip gloss with sticky strands of hair on the lid – the ones that never saw the light of day at the bottom of your bag back in 2002. So, ring in the New Year with these matte finish Dolce & Gabbana shades from the Dolcissimo collection – they are as deliciously pigmented as they sound and only require one swipe to achieve a deep shade. They lock in a lot of moisture, with an oil-concentrated formula that gives you a sense of a second skin on your lips. Ruby and Dahlia are our top picks. Dolcissimo Matte Liquid Lip Colour Dhs200 Dolce & Gabbana



Beauty 101: Here’s how to pick the right cleanser for your skin


Nights out

Evolution may have happened but we still possess some cave(wo)man proclivities. On nights out, our primal urge to be and feel irresistible usually results in a shower of perfume sprays. If you want to turn the heat on all the way, we suggest you get some Scandal by Night by Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s sweet, it’s sensual and it’s scandal with a capital ‘S’. Scandal by Night Dhs430 Jean Paul Gaultier

Skin reset

A cream that can work both the day and night shift is one worth investing in. Sisley’s Velvet Nourishing Cream, as its name implies, is velvety and rich (a little goes a long way) but it doesn’t have a matte finish like a lot of other opulent creams. It leaves you with a subtle sheen, which depending on your preference, is more aesthetically satisfying. It works great as a primer too. Your foundation spreads on smoothly on top of it. Velvet Nourishing Cream Dhs780 Sisley Paris

Eye know

It’s never too late (or early) to really start taking better care of your skin. And let’s be honest – your lifestyle is going to wreak some havoc on your skin over the festive period. A serum, if you like, is the equivalent of drinking lots of water: it revitalises the skin. This skin saviour by Dior Prestige delivers a shot of hydration to parched skin, particularly around the eyes. We feel serum works best at night, so smack some of this stuff on and you can be sure that it will get to work while you get some rest. Le Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux Dhs930 Dior Prestige

Get this party started

For most of us a festive look takes us right out of our comfort zones. But the beauty of Guerlain’s festive collection is that you can go as large or as little as you like, because the products are build-friendly. You can rest assured that no matter how sweaty the evening (yes, sorry, but think of all the dancing) or how much food and drink you consume, your makeup will stay intact. Fact. Eyes: Electric Look Palette Dhs392; Lips: Rouge G Dhs161; Face: Terracotta Electric Light Dhs260 all Guerlain

Starlight express

Have we mentioned this is our Disco Issue? Therefore, we are not holding back. But if you can’t muster sequins from head-to-toe, stick to just the eyes. Charlotte Tilbury’s limited edition Luxury Palette of Pops come in four light-to-dark intergalactic eye-glowing shades for a touch of razzle dazzle, which have some millennium nostalgia about them with their optimistic sparkle and shine. Starlight Luxury Palette of Pops Dhs225 Charlotte Tilbury


There are two kinds of perfumes: the ones that you liberally spray to get rid of a funky stench and the ones that you savour every last drop of for special occasions until the very last stubborn spray, which is pretty much just scented air at that point, right? – #desperatetimes. For your next signature scent, we present Bottega Veneta’s L’Absolu which has a more intense take on the iconic leather chypre featured in the first eau de parfum. It also blends jasmine and ambroxan (that’s woody to the uninitiated) to give an overall sense of sophistication. Signature L’Absolu 50ml Dhs510 Bottega Veneta


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