Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

Don’t be surprised because the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is almost upon us! The Moon rules our emotions, our day-to-day life, our physical body and when in Taurus, how we also verbally express ourselves.

The closer the moon is to a Karmic Node, like it is on 19th November, the more dramatic the Eclipse will feel for you. Continue to watch for depression and self-imposed barriers which seem to be lurking. Music, luxury and warmth will soothe your senses at this time.

Remember an Eclipse brings change, choices and breakthroughs. Learn to let go of drama and upheaval and let the Universe work her magic.

Eclipses are there to remove past options and Taurus is notoriously stubborn. You will have a hard time letting go but you will remember them later as a shift in your life.

You may find important information that comes quickly to you. This week you are more likely to see or understand the true character of someone else. Do you like what you see? Are you having a change of heart? It seems you will be re-evaluating your approach to money and the people you love.

Make sure you take the time to reassess your business and partnership ties. Have you been putting someone else’s concerns ahead of yours? Try not to over-commit until you have reassessed your goals, values and principles.

We all know the Moon operates better at night, but astrologically the moon is moving through a daytime aspect in the chart so if you need to make a decision it is going to feel awkward as your emotions are harder to hide than usual.

If you’re being questioned by those who think they know you or have a viper tongue, it will be hard to be dismissive. You will be sensitive to criticism. The other may know that you’re not where you need to be at the moment and there’s nothing worse than someone blowing your dreams up in smoke! Don’t worry, keep going. You have more in the tank than you realize.

With Pisces rising in the chart during this Eclipse, you will be seeking more certainty in partnerships, one that understands your vision and growth. They can help structure where you want to go and make your dreams come true. Be warned, there will be conversations around the details as to how you plan to move forward.

Wait a couple of weeks until the Solar Eclipse on 4 December before making any decisions, especially if you’ve had an epiphany around your career, or where you want to live and work.

Tip: the reality is how much money do you really need to live? The good news is what you set out to achieve in 2021 is now a reality. But, there is still work to be done and the money is slow in coming.

Cancers are ruled by the Moon so will tend to feel a lunar eclipse and its effects more than most closely followed by watery types Pisces and Scorpio. It’s a safe bet to say stick with the older, wiser, quiet and more powerful if you want to avoid conflict. If all else fails, bury your head in the sun for the weekend. There’s plenty of it around.

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