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Fashion Features Editor Olivia Phillips answers this week’s most pressing fashion questions from what to throw on over your bikini to the most inspirational Instagrammers you need to know about…

Q.) I’m looking for a quirky, slightly under-the-radar label that’s going to get me noticed but not simultaneously bankrupt me, can you help?

A.)  You’re a girl after our own hearts. Finders Keepers sounds right up your street, an Aussie label stocked over here at the wonderful West LA Boutique. It screams street style starlet, is infused with a sports luxe vibe and has more than a few flirty cocktail dresses in its collection that has just landed in store. Be quick!

Finders Keepers at West LA

Shorts Dhs605 and Jumper Dhs825 Finders Keepers at West LA

Finders Keepers at West LA

Dress Dhs635 Finders Keepers at West LA


Q.) I need a chic coverup for the beach but think kaftans are a bit overdone. What do you recommend?

A.)  I always think an oversized man’s shirt looks cool on the beach – preferably loosely-belted and topped off with a straw fedora and an air of nonchalance. But if you’re in the market for something a touch more feminine, go vintage – or at least vintage-inspired. Athena Procopiou’s fringed Bejewelled From Nepal silk kimono from is ideal. Not to mention you can pretend you’re Talitha Getty…

Cover-up Dhs2,585 Athena Procopiou at

Cover-up Dhs2,585 Athena Procopiou at


Q.) I have a slight Instagram obsession but feel like I’ve run out of people to follow. Whose accounts do you look at for inspiration?

A.)  Ah, Instagram. Such a useful tool… but such a dangerous distraction. You asked for it, though. Here are the three accounts which keep me occupied for hours…


@louiseroe London-born, SoCal-living journo-turned-TV-presenter. She’s an absolute stunner, has a way with a print and lives her life constantly in the sun. And I’m only a teeeeeny bit jealous.


@kayla_itsines  Australian personal trainer with abs and a dog to die for. Posts fitspiration that is guaranteed to get you squatting/ in the gym/ drinking kale juice, or all of the above, in no time.

@ghazal_ahangaran Glossy, glam and gorgeous UAE-based interior designer who posts as many witty words as she does covetable lounges.

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