Founder of Sosaï Events, Sofia Sayah, talks to Emirates Woman about her home space and how it reflects her brand.

How long have you been in this space?

I moved in earlier this year but intend to make it a long-term home.

Have you custom-built any bespoke pieces?

I’ve had custom tables created to match my specific vision where I was seeking unique table legs, something I couldn’t readily find in the market. Although not a piece per se, my favourite addition to the villa is my window which I transformed into a single glasspanel which floods the space withsunlight all day.

How do you think the interior buys reflect you and your brand?

Every item I’ve chosen to furnish my space with is a true reflection of both me and my brand’s essence, which centres around a minimalistic and neutral aesthetic. Through our events, we aim to steer our clients away from excessive clutter and extravagant décor and instead encourage a focus on meticulous details and uncompromising quality.

Describe your taste in three words.

Organic, natural and contemporary.

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