Short, flared, A-line, fitted, buttoned up, split or slit… you can’t escape the denim skirt this season. Lyndsey Steven dares to do double in this combo from

“Seventies fashion is not all about tie-dye shirts, lavender eyeshadow and disco flashiness in a parade of polyester,” says Lyndsey. “But I will take the form fitting denim skirt and the platform shoes – as long as they’re not insanely high.”

EW Wearing

A Paula Cademartori handbag inspired by the fusion of the stars in the sky and the waves in the sea, ensures this double denim look is more haute, less hippy.

EW Wearing

Lyndsey wears:

Denim skirt: Mango

Denim shirt: Mango

Wedge sandals: Lucy Choi Holly

Handbag: Paula Cademartori