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“Jewellery is a daily part of everyone’s life here in the UAE and there is a huge appreciation, in particular for fine jewellery in the region,” fine jewellery expert Vik Jethwani says. Seeing this first-hand with his own jewellery company Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery, he took the brave leap of faith in launching a unique, bespoke service catering to VIP clientele in the Middle East.

Enter the 818 Vault – a service Jethwani had always envisioned himself launching. “I would witness what a difficult situation it was for them to find a luxury and bespoke service they could trust, and so wanted to provide them with an additional part of our existing company, offering an ideal solution through a familiar supplier,” he tells Emirates Woman.

Highly distinctive and individual, Jethwani talks us through the bespoke service, what it has to offer and how being a third-generation jeweller led him down this path.

Why did you decide to launch 818 Vault?

We noticed that there was a massive gap and an extreme shortage in the market for independent and luxury safety deposit lockers here in Dubai. As we have such a diverse and strong list of clients, we noticed that a number of banks where our clients were storing their jewellery were limited with the services that were offered. There was often no VIP area, no comfortable seating and most of all no insurance. Clients would also have to travel to the middle of the city to attain a safety deposit locker and it would take up a lot of their time. I also noticed that it was generally always a chore or headache for them and so I wanted to provide an enjoyable, safe, luxurious and convenient solution to the issue. People in this region spend so much on their jewellery, it should definitely be taken care of and kept in a safe, comfortable and VIP environment. I like to think of 818 Vault not just as a secure storage solution for your jewellery, but rather as a complete package with an exceptional standard of service to accommodate our clients’ varying needs. You can also have your jewellery professionally appraised and repaired through one of the many different services we provide.


What does the name 818 Vault represent?

The number 8 is a very special number for me as it’s an angel number, which represents balance, security, power, infinity and success. And that is what our vault provides. When you add up 818 you get 17 and 1+7= 8 – it’s genius!

How did you start out in fine jewellery?

I am a third-generation jeweller and my grandfather was the third-largest exporter of pearls in Kobe, Japan. My mother continued his legacy by bringing the pearling business to the UAE and I then continued it with my wife Natasha. Together we brought contemporary fine jewellery to Dubai and created our own brand called Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery.

Why is 818 Vault different?

Well, to start we offer Dhs1,000,000 of insurance for each and every safety deposit locker through our qualified insurance brokers. We also provide appraisal services where we can offer you a value for each and every piece of jewellery you own but may not have a receipt for. All these documents can be kept so you can maintain your jewellery. Our location at the prestigious Almas Tower, home to some of the biggest diamond companies in the world and recognised as the safest building in the Middle East is also a distinct advantage. Additionally, 818 Vault is designed to be discreet yet accommodating, we offer a VIP setting where you can come and book the vault for just yourself and arrange your jewellery in our comfortable and opulent viewing chamber which includes a jeweller’s table, tasteful mirrors and plush seating. Furthermore, we offer each client a booking service where they can call ahead of time and secure the vault to themselves for 30-minute slots. This is ideal as no one else can access the vault during this time and we are completely contactless. The only thing you need to bring is your key which has been in your possession the whole time.

Why did you choose this location for 818 Vault?

I have been planning this for over two years and would not want our flagship vault to be in any other tower. Almas Tower is the definition of strength and security and is recognised as an iconic building within the global jewellery business.

How long did it take to see the vision become a reality?

We started in January 2020. Since then we have seen an increase in the number of clients coming to sign up with our safety deposit lockers. We’ve expanded our services to offer private viewings, private bookings and minimal contact in line with health and safety measures. Unfortunately, many banks are still overcrowded and aren’t maintained well. We sanitize the entire vault after every use!

I remember sitting down with Natasha two years ago and mentioned to her that I was thinking about providing a service that would be quick, secure and convenient that would solve the issues a lot of our clients were having with other safe deposit facilities. She asked me about it every day on how the idea was progressing and I guess all the questioning made me get up every morning and get this vault built!

How can we secure a deposit box?

A potential new client would need to first visit our vault and fill out one of our registration forms. Once the application is complete, they just need to select a locker, sign our terms and conditions contract and then they have their locker. It’s easy, convenient and quick.

This is ‘The Bravery Issue’ – how do you define bravery?

Bravery to me is having the courage to step into the unknown and follow your heart. When you follow your passion, don’t look back and just go for it is what being brave is all about!

For more information on 818 Vault visit 818vault.com

October’s – ‘The Bravery Issue’ – Download Now

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