If you love to express yourself through jewellery, or simply need a boost of happiness in a subtle way, then you’ll be over the rainbow for the latest collection from Aisha Baker.

Known for it’s bold designs, Dubai-based brand has introduced a new line called ‘Me’. Just like the other collection, this one is also inspired by fairy tales and is a bright re-imagining of rainbow legends.

Aisha Baker dubai jewellery rainbow colourful trend

With simple lines, gleaming bevelled faces, enamelled, with rainbow-coloured edges, ‘Me’ is a cheerful tribute to nature and is happy reminder of better days ahead.

“We’re delighted to release our first unisex collection at a time when, all over the world, we are called to open our hearts to see and celebrate the diverse beauty around and within us,” said founder Aisha Baker.  “We have designed the ‘Me’ collection to be simple, adaptable, and colourful in a delightful way.”

Aisha Baker dubai jewellery rainbow colourful trend

Barring their striking enamelled rainbow-coloured edges, the jewellery in this collection has a classic palette of burnished yellow and white golds occasionally paved with small, but sparkling diamonds.

Finally we know what gold at the end the rainbow looks like.

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Images: Supplied, main image instagram.com/annmaleen