Meet the wolf-pack redefining creativity and fashion in the Middle East.

The region is brimming with talent and for the May issue of Emirates Woman we wanted to celebrate some of it’s trailblazers that are setting their own trends.

Far detached from today’s notion of influencers, this generation of artists, photographers, DJ’s, designers and models are dancing to the beat of their own curated drums and there’s no predicting what they will do next, and that’s what makes them an exciting bunch to follow.

Emirates Woman may issue 2019

Whether born and raised here or expats, Dubai has become a hub of diversity and creativity that can rival some of the most iconic places in the world.

Shot by Australian photographer Abdulla Elmaz, who also appears on the cover and shoot, the May issue presents a modern idea of togetherness through various mediums of art.

Photography: Abdulla Elmaz

Fashion director: Carmel Harrison

Fashion editor: Natalie Westernoff

Hair and Make-up: Athina Doutis, Yurema Villa

Hair: Jordan Robertson

Photography Assistant: Xana Harmsen

Fashion Assistant: Aparna Mohan

On the stands May 1.

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Media: Emirates Woman