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Paris Texas doesn’t deliver your usual footwear. We spoke to Co-founder Anna Brivio of Italian footwear brand on how it’s changed the game for the better.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

AB: I like to have some me-time in the morning. I begin the day by practicing yoga and Pilates before having breakfast at home. I then get ready and head into the office.

Paris Texas founders

What was the catalyst for launching the brand and how did you know it was the right time?

AB: The brand was founded because I saw a gap in the market for cool shoes that are comfortable enough to wear for day but also had an edge for the evening. Keeping the price point was very important to me from the start. I started the brand with a small capsule in Norrgatan as well as selling it through our showroom to other retailers. The overall feedback was great, and we grew from there. Everything started very naturally, and we went on to having a multi-brand store in Norrgatan and Baltimora in Italy, which have been there for a while now.

How had your previous roles supported the knowledge you needed to make this successful?

AB: I was a buyer for a multi-brand store in Milan and as a result I have good insight into upcoming trends and customer needs, through my experience.

What lies at the core of the brand’s DNA?

AB: Paris Texas shoes are feminine and luxe but comfortable at the same time. They can be worn day and night, without the need to change your shoe for any specific occasion. A big part of our DNA is our bold colours and materials as well as the boot shape, which is what we started with.

“Stay focused and follow your instinct.”

Your designs are more daring than most. Can you tell us about your design process and if this was a key attribute from the outset?

AB: I take inspiration from everything around me. I love flowers, nature and bold colours. Colours are a huge part of the process. I start with inspiration from magazines, books and when I travel and then I source the materials based on the colour options that I have chosen. It’s always an ongoing process and never fully complete until the collection has launched, sometimes I make last-minute changes because some things inspire me closer to the launch date.

How challenging was it initially, to find the right factories to produce the boots and how did you ensure they are so comfortable?

AB: Since the comfort of our shoes is one of our main goals, it was very hard to find a factory that could accommodate that. As a brand we are very selective and have very high standards, we try every single style on many different women to make sure they are comfortable for everyone and can be worn all day, every day. The factory that we work with is in Italy, which is very important from a quality perspective but also because we are able to visit often and have more control over the quality ourselves. We work with an experienced product manager who oversees the entire process. The factory side of things is a tedious process, and it definitely gets easier with more time and experience.

Paris Texas

Do you see any buying trends in the Middle East that differ globally?

AB: Our Middle East customer doesn’t tend to buy suede at all because of the weather. They are more focused on mules and open-toed shoes, which is great as we are not only known for our boots. However, since the DNA of Paris Texas is the style of our boots then the more international retailers in the region stock those additionally as they are popular with the wealth of international clints they have. We sell a lot of bold colours and sparkly sandals in the Middle East, which we love because Paris Texas is all about colour.

What advice would you give your younger selves starting out?

AB: Stay focused, follow your instinct and in the end everything will be great.

This is ‘The Renegade Issue’ – who according to you is going against the grain in their field and achieving something great?

AB: Carine Roitfeld has always been a huge inspiration for me, she modernised the magazine industry. allowed women to be themselves, to be feminine at the same time as being strong and independent. Her daring approach to femininity was revolutionary and is an approach we take with Paris Texas.

October’s – ‘The Renegade Issue’ – Download Now

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