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Not only is Tara Emad one of Egypt’s top models, she is also an actress on the rise, one of the country’s young talents, ushering in a new era of television and cinema.

Over the years, the 26-year-old made the transition from runway to TV to the silver screen. Her blossoming acting career includes starring alongside acting legends like Adel Emam and being part of one of this summer’s biggest box-office hits.

tara emad bvlgari emirates woman cover december 2019 dubai

However, Tara didn’t just make a name for herself by standing in front of the camera, she is also known for her philanthropic efforts, including her work with Italian luxury brand, Bvlgari. Two years ago, Tara became a brand ambassador for the jewellery brand and other than just modelling their stunning pieces, she has also worked with them on their partnership with Save the Children.

We sat with Egypt’s rising star to learn more about her career, if she would choose modelling over acting, what is next for her acting career, and how she became a Bvlgari brand ambassador.

When did you start your modelling career? And how did you break into the industry?

I started when I was 14 years old. I did several TV ads and was always going for casting calls for films, series and fashion shoots. I got a call back from a Lebanese magazine through an agency called Face To Face here in Egypt. I remember meeting the art director of the magazine that day and she said that they were excited to shoot with me and it was going to be great. When the magazine came out I was on the cover! Then after that I started doing fashion shows, more ads and went and modelled internationally too.

tara emad bvlgari emirates woman cover december 2019 dubai

Ramdan series, Saheb El Saa’da was a turning point in your career, how did you get that role? What was that experience like?

It was indeed a turning point in my career. At the time I was in Paris on my way to sign a modelling contract with a big agency and I got the phone call that I was selected to act in the series with the legendary Adel Imam. They needed me to fly back the next day for a meeting. At that moment it was either I go back to Cairo for this huge opportunity in my acting career or I stay in Paris for another huge opportunity in my modelling career. I decided I will fly back to Egypt and act in the series. That was the moment I realised how important acting is for me.

Now that you have transitioned into acting, which of the two careers would you say is more challenging? 

Well modelling and acting do have their similarities however in my opinion acting takes you more in depth with the characters. You could be a persona for a shoot or be in a specific mood for a campaign but acting really takes you through all the ins and outs of that character you are portraying, which I find beautiful.

TWhat does it take to be a successful model and actress?

Discipline, persistence and don’t always take yourself so seriously.

tara emad bvlgari emirates woman cover december 2019 dubai


How did you first start working with Bvlgari? How did it feel working with the brand? 

It all started when I got a phone call from an Egyptian photographer and a dear friend, Batool Al Daawi. She told me she had given my number to the Bvlgari team in Dubai. I got a phone call shortly after and ever since, it’s been two years, they haven’t failed to impress me with their hospitality and kindness. Every single person in the team has a very dear place in my heart and it has been quite the dream, travelling, working and being a part of their beautiful family. Not to forget to mention that Bvlgari as a brand has been a dream to work with. So all the puzzles fit right in their place!

What is it like working with them on their partnership with, Save the Children?

I’ve worked only on one occasion for this amazing cause that is Save the Children. I have a very personal memory with this project as I learned about it a few years back from one of my teachers in school, where he had his Bvlgari wedding ring inscribed Save the Children. That’s when I first learned about this incredible initiative and its mission. Ever since then, I remember telling myself that I too want to be a part of something as beautiful as that.

What is the mission of the campaign?

Their goal is to provide education to underprivileged children all around the world. Recently it was their 10 year celebration and and they are still working hard on raising more money to better children’s lives and opportunities.

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Photography: Greg Adamski

Fashion Direction: Natalie Westernoff

Fashion Assistant: Nathan Rebello

Hair: Jordan Robertson at MMG Artists

Make-Up: Sharon Drugan using Nudestix

Videography: Klaudia Zdanowicz

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