There’s action-packed stunts across Dubai

This week Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA), released a fun, action video clip in support of Dubai Fitness Challenge.


HH Sheikh Hamdan challenges Dubai residents to get fit

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The good-humoured video follows a parkour athlete who performs James-Bond style stunts to get to work, instead of taking his car.

Dubai's RTA

The hero makes the journey by climbing and running parkour-style across the city, from taxi roofs to jumping across moving dhows at Dubai Creek.

Dubai's RTA

He makes the journey in exactly 30 minutes – a nod to HH Sheikh Hamdan’s 30/30 challenge, which encourages people to get 30 minutes of exercise everyday for 30 days. Although the athlete makes the journey look easy, the video comes with a warning that viewers should not try any of the stunts included.

Dubai Fitness Challenge will run from October 26 for 30 days, to take part, download the Dubai Fitness Challenge app on iOS or Android.

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Media: RTA, YouTube