In a significant move to enhance Dubai’s public transportation, plans are in motion for the introduction of an entirely new metro line – the Dubai Metro Blue Line.

This forthcoming addition will seamlessly connect with the existing Red and Green Lines, marking a major expansion in the city’s metro network.

The Blue Line is set to cover a total length of 30 kilometers, adding a diverse dimension to the current metro landscape. What’s particularly fascinating is that, unlike its predecessors, approximately 15.5 kilometers of this new line will run underground, while the remaining 14.5 kilometers will traverse above ground.

The proposed route will incorporate a total of 14 stations, aimed at enhancing accessibility and convenience for commuters. Among these stations, seven will be elevated, providing panoramic views of the city, while five will be situated underground, offering shelter from the elements.

Although the project is still in its initial stages, it undoubtedly promises an exciting future for public transport users in Dubai.

The expansion of the Red and Green Lines was previously announced last October, and now, the revelation of the Blue Line underscores Dubai’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its metro system.