The emergency response vehicles will be dedicated to female patients and kids.

In a city of firsts, this might be our new favourite.

New pink ambulances will be rolled out in Dubai, with the emergency service vehicles solely used to treat woman and children.

The new vehicles, unveiled by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services on Saturday, are the first of their kind in the UAE.

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The ambulances will be used to transport injured and sick women, children under 12 years of age, and expectant mums in labour, the corporation said in a statement.

“The use of emergency vehicles only for women and children is among 24 specialised services offered by the corporation,” said Khalifa Bin Darri, executive director of DCAS.

دشن سعادة خليفة بن دراي المدير التنفيذي لمؤسسة دبي لخدمات الإسعاف خدمة المستجيب النسائي التي تختص بمهام التدخل السريع لإنقاذ الحالات المرضية والإصابات النسائية وحالات الولادة والأطفال. واضاف ان المستجيب النسائي يضم كوادر إسعافية نسائية اجتزنَ دورات تدريبية متخصصة على مستوى عالٍ من الدراسة النظرية والعملية والميدانية، بالتنسيق والتعاون مع مستشفى لطيفة للولادة، إضافة إلى دورة تعلم أساسيات رعاية الأطفال الخاصة بحالات ما قبل المستشفى (PEEP)، على يد كبار المدربين والأطباء، وسوف يقدمن الخدمة للنساء والأطفال بمختلف إصابتهم. #المستجيب_النسائي #الرقم1 #اسعاف_المستقبل #خطة_اسعاف_دبي_2021 #dubai_ambulance_plan2021 @albayannews @albarjeel @uae_barq @3meed_news @alroeya @dubai10x @dubaipolicehq @dha_dubai @dcd997 @rta_dubai @evisionmn

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The ambulance will be specifically equipped to deal with childbirth (among other injuries) and will be initially based in the Al Twar Municipality Centre.

It will cover the Deira area between 11am and 11pm daily, and will be staffed by fully-trained female paramedics.

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“The location of the stationing will be re-evaluated in two months based on the number of emergency calls received in a particular area, and this is to ensure that the maximum amount of people benefit from the service,” Bin Darri said, according to Gulf News.

“The female paramedics have completed various specialised training courses and are able to provide the appropriate treatment within the shortest time frame. They are also capable of handling all emergency cases, particularly serious injuries.”

After the trial period, another pink ambulance will be launched to cover the Bur Dubai area.

Image: Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services/Instagram