The truth behind the Instagram filter

The advent of social media has brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘influencer marketing’. The multi-billion dollar industry now sees social media stars receive large sums of money in exchange for endorsing particular products and services.

As a result, the Dubai Government has released a video, warning people about the sometimes murky waters of paid social media posts.


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The short clip shows a social media influencer visit a restaurant and take photos and films on her smartphone for social media, while pretending to eat a turkey ham and cheese croissant.

Dubai warning about influencers

Following the shoot, she puts down her phone and the food, without actually eating anything, and demands payment for the work.

Dubai warning about influencers

At the end of the video an ominous looking cash-filled envelope is then handed over.

Dubai warning about influencers

Along with the video post, the Dubai Consumer Protection division warns in Arabic and English “Do not restrict your choices to social media influencers opinion on a product, service or a meal in a restaurant. Some of them are paid to advertise convincingly to you. Ask more, before you make a purchase.”

Stay savvy, shoppers.

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