Sure, it may add a couple of minutes to your commute, but next month get ready to ditch the car and make use of Dubai’s buses, trams and trains.

Why? Well, we promise it’s for a very good cause.

The annual Car-Free Day initiative is not compulsory, but in an effort to go a little more green Dubai Municipality are urging drivers to leave the car at home for the day on February 5.

Each car pumps out a hefty four tonnes of carbon dioxide on average each year – and with 2,000,000 cars on the roads in the UAE on a daily basis, a day off in Dubai could give the atmosphere a well-deserved breather.

Oh, and for each car left at home on February 5, Dubai Municipality will plant 12 trees, or donate the cash sum of the trees to charity organisations.

To show your willingness to participate, you can sign up on Dubai Municipality’s website.

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The Car-Free initiative started back in 2010 and saw around 1,000 vehicles left at home.

Since its inception, the initiative has grown, with over 30,000 cars left at home last year and more than 1,000 organisations taking part.

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In total, the Car-Free Initiative has saved more than 150,000 litres of fuel in the UAE.

If you’re a bit of a public transport newbie, you can head to the RTA’s website to plan your journey here. 

The campaign will contribute towards Dubai’s objective of the UAE’s National Agenda 2021 in the field of preservation of air quality and reducing the emirate’s carbon footprint.

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