New regulations have been introduced by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) stating that tenants who are renting a property can lease their accommodation to guests on a short-term basis provided they receive a no-objection certificate from their landlord and meet Dubai Tourism’s requirements.

The new regulations will also mean private home owners can apply for a holiday home license without the need to go through an approved Dubai Tourism operator, provided the necessary criteria are met. Only full accommodations can be rented though, renting single rooms remains prohibited.

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Short-term home rental website Airbnb, while active in Dubai, was previously unregulated – with roughly 300 rentals listed on the site before the new regulations were introduced. Now that the regulations on holiday home rentals have been eased, we can hope to see a bunch more home rentals up for grabs on their site.

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In order to become a holiday home provider, the owners will need to meet quality standards, amenities, health and safety, insurance necessities, code of conduct and wider community integration standards. They would also be responsible for legislative requirements, as well as complaint management policies, providing correct listings and keeping their properties well maintained. Dubai Tourism will also carry out regular inspections on the registered homes, classifying them under either ‘standard’ or ‘deluxe’.

The new regulations also allow tenants, who are renting a property, to lease their accommodation to guests with a short-term permit. However, to do so they will need a no-objection certificate from their landlord and, of course, they will need to meet requirements set by Dubai Tourism.

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Khaled bin Touq, Executive Director of Tourism Activities and Classification Sector of Dubai Tourism said: “We are continuously looking at how to enhance our overall offering to ensure Dubai remains competitive and appeals to an evolving diversity of travelers.

“We continue to put in place the necessary market conditions to stimulate the growth of the tourism sector in a safe, secure and controlled manner while ensuring that the high standards of quality for which Dubai is known are maintained.”