There are some pretty crazy architectural designs in the UAE. Everything from the swooping sails of the Burj Al Arab, to the high-end houses of Emirates Hills, but these Floating Seahorse villas constructed by real estate company Kleindienst are an entirely different ball game.

While the fabulous villas have been on our radar for a while, it was only recently announced that the first phase of the Floating Seahorse villas should be completed by late 2016 and ready to use.

Floating Seahorse Dubai

Located around two and a half miles off the Dubai coast, the Seahorse Floating villas, which are now up for sale, don’t come cheap, with property prices currently standing at Dhs10 million. The first Floating Seahorse villa is almost complete and will serve as a show villa which can soon be visited by clients and investors.


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Floating Seahorse Dubai

So, what do you get for your money? The villas consist of three levels – the ground floor at sea level, complete with outdoor shower, kitchen and a glass bottomed jacuzzi, the en-suite bedroom on the lower submerged level, and the upper deck for entertainment purposes. Underneath each villa you’ll find a man-made coral garden – an artificial coral reef of sorts that spans an area of 495 square feet.

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Talking about how the villas got their ‘Seahorse’ name, company CEO Josef Kleindienst said in a statement how the artificial reefs “will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed.”

Floating Seahorse Dubai

The aquatic homes have been designed for vacations, not permanent residence, as they are only accessible by sea or air – can you imagine that supermarket run?!

Initially, there were only meant to be 42 Floating Seahorses, but due to consumer demand Kleindienst have reshaped one of their islands off the coast of Dubai to incorporate around 140 Seahorses.

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The ‘Tzar Edition’ villas are an upgraded version of the initial Floating Seahorses – coming with gold detailing instead of the original silver. The Tzar also features a more flamboyant interior, and is considerably larger than the original, with a more expansive wrap around coral garden.

Floating Seahorse Dubai

Still not convinced about live on a floating villa in the middle of the sea? Remember that house party your neighbours threw last weekend? The one that went on until 4am? Well there’s none of that out in the ocean to disturb you. Granted, it might be a little more difficult getting Zaatar w Zeit to deliver you a midnight kofta, but who cares? You’d be living in a floating house, and that’s all that counts.

Floating Seahorse Dubai

Images: Kleindienst