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It was only a few months ago when founders of Dubai-based skincare company IZIL landed on the Forbes ‘Women behind Middle Eastern brands’ list. It was among nine influential Arab names that have achieved a global status, so naturally we wanted to know more.

One thing that many of the brands on that list have in common is their determination to fill the gap in the market that they have discovered from their own personal need. When Mouna Abassy moved to Dubai in 2005, she struggled to find products that were as pure and natural as the ones back in Morocco.


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She decided to pay tribute to nature and the traditional recipes passed on from mother and grandmother and created IZIL. She wanted to keep away from  synthetic colours, preservatives and parabens, instead focussing on the goodness of rich ingredients like argan oil, green tea, saffron, and rosewater. You can see the breakdown of all key ingredients on the brand’s website.

“As a child, I grew up with women preparing their own beauty recipes at home. Argan oil, Rhassoul clay, Henne, roses were just some of the natural staples of their beauty recipes, which they secretly hold and pass on throughout generations, so did my mum,” says Abassy.

“In Morocco, the beauty ritual is a luxurious and social affair, with every sense from sight to smell and touch being catered to. Beauty is the aim but the preening journey is an exquisite experience in itself.”


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Keeping you beautiful and feeling good head-to-toe, explore their wide range for hair, body and skincare products across clays, oils and herbs.

New to the brand? IZIL makes it super easy to find the right product by breaking it down into skincare needs – from acne and oil skin to dark spots and anti-ageing.

Our top pick is the Ultimate Brightening set that consists of Green Tea Antioxidant Face Mask that detoxes the skin; Green Tea Whitening Scrub that improves the texture of the skin; 100% Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil that moisturises and repairs while the Pure Damask Rose Water Toner soothes and tones.

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