Jordan is currently facing disastrous floods

The Dubai Royals are known for their philanthropic deeds, and this week they reached out to help out the thousands of people in Jordan, affected by life threatening floods.


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HH Sheikh Mohammed and his wife, HRH Princess Haya organised an emergency airlift of humanitarian aid to the northern Arab nation. The Royals sent a total of 58 tons of health, nutrition, sanitation supplies and material for temporary shelters.

Dubai Royals

HRH Princess Haya made the announcement via social media, the Royal wrote: “Following the floods that have caused so much devastation in our beloved Jordan, HH Sheikh Mohammed ordered an emergency airlift of humanitarian aid. A 747 jumbo jet and a C130 Hercules transport carrier took off from Dubai during the night.”

Dubai Royals

The Royal said Dubai’s efforts had been well received in Jordan, saying: “HRH Prince Ali Bin Hussein coordinated efforts when the planes landed in Jordan early this morning and the aid will soon be on its way to those families and people most in need. I will continue to work with the authorities in Jordan and the National Crisis Centre to monitor the situation and provide further assistance as required.”

Dubai Royals

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the floods in Jordan

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