The safety of a child is paramount to parents and while the UAE is renowned for being a safe place to live, the region’s police force have gone that extra mile to give parents extra peace of mind. 

Following the shocking murder of eight-year-old Obaida Ebrahim Al Aqrabawi – who was abducted and killed by a 48-year-old man – Dubai Police have created two animated video to warn children to beware of strangers, and how to present themselves in in dangerous situations.

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The Dubai Police launched the safety awareness campaign on their Twitter account posting two 15-minute videos, which are both in Arabic. The first video shows a young boy being approached by a stranger in a car. The driver tries to lure the child into the vehicle yet is unsuccessful, with the boy screaming and running to the police. The overriding message of the video is ‘say no to strangers’.

In the second video, the Dubai Police advise children to be aware of people even those they may know. The short film shows a young child walking into a bathroom stall when an older child offers to accompany him. The picture of a demon creature appearing when the child is in danger, further helps to emphasise it is a bad situation.

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Another short video advises kids not to accept freebies, for example they must say no if a shopkeeper offers them free sweets.

The videos presented  by Dubai Police and the authority’s Al Ameen Service, comes at a crucial time with the community still in shock over the murder of Obaida. It is believed the defendant knew the boy’s father frequenting his garage in the Sharjah industrial area.

The Sharjah Consultative Council has already assigned a lawyer for the family, with the case continuing this week.

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