With the winter months coming up, a lot of Dubai residents will be looking forward to the opportunity to walk, jog and exercise outdoors again without the fear of heatstroke.

Realising this, Dubai Municipality have gone ahead and issued the order to construct running tracks and sports facilities at both Muhaisnah and Jebel Ali labour camps for the workers to enjoy.

The tracks include a 1,500-metre walking track at Mahaisnah and a 700-metre track in Jebel Ali, allowing the workers to walk or jog around their residential complexes.

As well as the tracks, Dubai Municipality will be setting up fixed exercise equipment, so workers can fit in a quick workout in their spare time.

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That’s not all, though. They’re also installing ‘green corridors’ at both of the camps in coordination with the Public Parks and Horticulture Department.

The cost of it all? Around Dhs3.8 million.

Why are they doing this?

Engineer Juma Khalifa Al Fuqae Director of General Maintenance Department at Dubai Municipality explained the project comes in line with the Dubai Municipality’s plan to provide adequate health environment for Dubai’s workers.

Dubai Municipality seeks to improve the workers’ living environment as well as provide sports and health facilities.

‘This is one of the important projects to make Dubai healthier and happier as it is concerned with the health and well-being of the workers.

Other ‘happiness parks’

This isn’t the first park to be built with happiness in mind though.

Earlier this year, the Al Saada Park at the Dubai Ladies Club was built, featuring workout machines that generate electricity that can be stored in units.

The stored electricity can then be used for charging smart devices, lighting cooling water, or other personal devices.

The park also features children’s games that run on the energy produced by the machines.

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