With OPPO Reno2 Series

SPONSORED: Hatta has been described as the ultimate outdoor adventure haven, home to calm waters and beautiful hiking trails – a unique destination that deserves to be captured from every angle.

OPPO Reno2 Series

Shot with OPPO Reno2

To showcase various parts of it’s impressive landscape, OPPO recruited a number of Dubai influencers who share the same inspirational spirit as the innovative brand, to embark upon OPPO’s Wonder Journey.

hatta oppo reno 2 series

Armed with the latest OPPO Reno2 Series, the explorers captured the rugged beauty of the surrounding Hajar Mountains, stunning wadis, breath-taking vistas, spectacular sunsets and inky dark starlit skies. They turned Hatta into a playground of creative mobile photography, putting the latest device through it’s paces across various terrains, and here is what they discovered.

Steady filming on the move has never been easier

On the way to their surprise destination in the mountains, OPPO’s explorers had the chance to put the OPPO Reno2 smartphone’s Ultra Steady Video feature to the test while riding in a Jeep convoy. Designed to offer smooth video in even the bumpiest of scenarios, OPPO Reno2 Series Ultra Steady Video combines an IMU measuring device with a high sampling rate and a hull sensor, Electronic Image Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilization, to bring you exceptionally clear and smooth videos matching the quality of purpose-built action camera. When shooting smooth videos is no problem whether you’re running, skiing, skateboarding, riding a horse or even driving an F1 car, the OPPO Reno2 takes bumping across desert terrain in a Jeep in its stride.

You don’t need the best light for an amazing photograph


OPPO Reno2 Series


hatta oppo reno 2 series

It’s every traveller’s dream to capture the perfect photograph of their excursion, and the quality of light shouldn’t be a factor preventing that. OPPO Reno2 comes equipped with Ultra Dark Mode, which achieves better performance even in low light conditions thanks to one of the most advanced camera phone lenses we have heard of. It provides an impressive range of different night scenes to the point where even if light levels measure low, your images look spot on. With OPPO Reno2 you can capture the glittering night sky without having to Photoshop the stars in afterwards.

hatta oppo reno 2 series

Your framing has endless possibilities

Equipped with four cameras and 20X Zoom capabilities, the Reno2 offers a full focal length imaging system. Three lenses of varying focal lengths work in harmony to create a unique 5x Hybrid Zoom effect – from the ultra-wide-angle to telephoto. The Ultra-Wide Angle lens feature provides an impressive 116° angle for photography, enabling you to shoot vast and boundless landscapes.

OPPO Reno2 Series

Wherever your adventure may take you, from exploring mountains to extreme sports, from city-hopping to basking on a sun-soaked beach, the OPPO Reno2 Series has all the features you need to make sure the memories you make are always in the palm of your hand.

OPPO Reno2 is available now

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