For a very, very special occasion.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes? Go on, this is a safe space for excesses in the footwear department.

Well, whatever number you have in your head right now, you can rest assured that there’s a new high water mark. In fact, in light of these heels, you were practically frugal.

A Dhs55 million pair of shoes are coming to Dubai (yes, really)
Michael Cinco takes centre stage at the Critics’ Choice Awards

UAE-based brand Jada Dubai have created a pair of shoes worth over Dhs1 million. They’re made with 54 carats of diamonds, 416.2 carats of white sapphires.

Right, so just like the ones we were out on Friday night then. No difference.

The heels took over a year to make, The National reports, with jewellers from three countries working to get the right balance between gold and platinum for the body of the shoe. Only one pair was made.

Here’s a better look at them. How’s that ankle strap?

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Outrageous. The brand will also do special orders, if you’re after something both unique and highly luxurious.

Here’s a pair made for a princess:

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So the crowns make sense then.

Those million-dirham numbers are part of the brand’s Imperative of Royalty collection, including heels named for Cleopatra, Grace Kelly, and Princess Diana. As you’d imagine, they’re all super limited.

They’re pricey, for sure, but they don’t come close to the Dhs55 million heels that visited Dubai in November.

Those shoes, complete with pink, blue and white diamonds, are the world’s most expensive pair.

They do say you should always invest in quality footwear…

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