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We always want to look flawless particularly during party season. Radiant, hydrated and nourished skin go hand-in-hand with this, but as the end of the year comes around we’re often tired, dehydrated and in need of a much-deserved break. This is exactly why we’re in need of a true miracle worker, which is where skin guru Julie Lemke comes into play.

Originally from Denmark, Lemke has resided in Dubai for over eight years and is an expert in all things skin having recently founded her own business – HER Skin Studio, which stands for Holistic Esthetic Revolution. “I want to revolutionise the way skincare is perceived – it doesn’t have to hurt to be effective,” she tells Emirates Woman. “I want to educate people on skincare and skin health in a more holistic way and let people know that there are alternatives to Botox if you don’t want to go down that route.” This is why Lemke has become an expert in the use of the Gua Sha, which is part of ancient Chinese medicine. Through the use of the Gua Sha, Lemke explains that you release the tight muscles, which she refers to as “holistic Botox”.

Another of Lemke’s hero treatments also includes the ‘Fire and Ice Facial’, where the skin is deeply cleansed and then an intensive resurfacing mask is applied – the “fire”. The “ice” then comes in the form of a cold-infusing rejuvenating mask. The combination of the innovative facial leaves the skin glowing like you wouldn’t believe. The best part of it all? There is no downtime involved with the facial.

Lemke sat down with Emirates Woman to discuss all things HER Skin Studio, the Gua Sha treatment and Fire and Ice Facial, her career, her holistic approach to skincare, and much more.

What do your first 30 minutes of the day look like, your morning routine?

The very first thing I do in the morning is take my silk eye mask off and do a nice long stretch in bed. I try to keep my mobile phone out of the bedroom as it tends to be the last thing you look at before falling asleep and the first thing you reach for when you wake up in the morning. It gives me a certain calmness to keep it safe in the kitchen during night hours and going back to basic with an alarm clock on my bedside table.

Tell us about where you trained and why you decided to study these particular practices.

I completed most of my studies in Denmark and in the US. Some seminars I have attended virtually others have been hands on practice. The thought of working holistically with skin resonates with me. Our skin is such a clever organ and it can regulate itself, sometimes it just needs a bit of help along the way. I believe a lot of people ultimately end up harming their skin by doing too much which ultimately leads to inflammation. This creates a downward spiral of people using harsher products. Less is sometimes more when it comes to skincare.


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How did you know it was time to set up your own business and what were the stepping stones to this?

Setting up my business was more of an intuitive act as I just felt I had so much knowledge to pass along and I really want to educate people on skincare, diet and overall health. HER Skin Studio stands for Holistic Esthetic Revolution. I want to educate people on skincare and skin health in a more holistic way and let people know that there are alternatives to Botox if you don’t want to go down that route. Before launching HER Skin Studio on my own, I was looking to join a team of therapists. The training I was getting was simply put – just do as we do, no questions asked. Again, with everything I do, it has to make sense to me. The last thing I want to do is perform robotic facials. I just knew that it would never work out in the long run and then this opportunity came about and I felt this was meant to be.

Which brands or beauty products are your real hero buys?

I absolutely love the serums from iS Clinical especially their Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ which provides the highest level of antioxidant protection containing time-released vitamin C. It is phenomenal. The same goes for the Super Serum Advance+ – it works wonders at reducing the appearance of scars and healing sun-damaged skin. Their vitamin C serums are the most potent on the market containing 15 per cent L-ascorbic acid. Also, it is formulated in such a way that it does not oxidize. Finally, their active serum is great for fine lines and wrinkles and an excellent option for blemish-prone skin. It gently exfoliates and promotes brighter and cleaner skin.

Where do you stand on beauty tools – do they work?

Beauty tools is an incredibly widely used term, but I would definitely say yes. I am a big fan of a lot of the tools available on today’s market, such as Gua Sha and my new face reflexology tool. It is so important to maintain your results in between treatments and tools such as these help you do that.

However, I would say the home micro-needling trend is a total no-no. I have seen really bad cases of scarring caused by a quite severe skin infection. When you poke your skin with needles you are creating pathways for bacteria to enter and it is impossible to keep your tool sterilized – the disinfectant that usually comes with the device can only do so much, but does not target all pathogens.

You swear by the Gua Sha, but have mentioned not many people know how to use it properly? Why is this?

I just see a lot of people only working on their face superficially. In order for Gua Sha to be effective, you will need to open your neck first to create a pathway for lymphatic flow. If your neck is jammed and tight the lymph has nowhere to flow once you start draining the facial region. Think of your face like the branches of a tree. The branches will get their nutrition from the roots and it will be transported through the trunk. The same goes for your neck – when you release tension in your neck region you will notice that your face transforms.

 What benefits does it have?

The Gua Sha has so many benefits and it is no wonder that it has been so popular in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It stimulates collagen production, brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to the tissue, it has an incredible firming effect and helps promote lymphatic flow. A stagnant lymphatic system can manifest in an abundance of blackheads –even acne – or just what people would describe as an overall dull complexion. We live in a world with a lot of stress and this can manifest on the face. By working on the face and releasing the tight muscles we are able to create the perfect environment for flow. When flow not obstructed you will get an amazing glow. Puffiness will decrease and fine lines and wrinkles become less noticeable – or might even vanish. That’s why Gua-Sha is also known as “Holistic Botox”.

You also specialise in the ‘Fire and Ice Facial’. Can you talk us through this?

The facial starts with performing a double or triple cleanse of the skin with the Cleansing Complex to remove any trace of make-up. The next step involves applying the Intensive Resurfacing Masque. This is the ‘fire’ part of the facial which will create a slight tingle and warming sensation on the skin while it’s working its magic. After removing the mask, the skin is brought back to its normal pH level with the Cleansing Complex, before proceeding to the ‘ice’ part of the facial where the skin will receive a cold infusing form of the Rejuvenating Masque. I will be massaging your skin with ice-globes while the mask is on. The facial is completed with different iS Clinical serums, eye cream, moisturiser and SPF. After the innovative Fire & Ice Facial, you will be ready to take on the world with a tremendous glow and a smooth refined, beautiful and more radiant complexion.


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Why is the Fire and Ice Facial so beneficial?

The Fire & Ice Facial bridges the gap between a gentle facial and invasive peel, it is formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients. It is specifically designed to rapidly, but safely, resurface your skin and will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smoothen and soften your skin while encouraging cellular renewal. The treatment will result in a dramatically refined complexion and has zero downtime. There are no side-effects associated with the treatment, this is exactly why the red carpet-worthy facial is loved by Hollywood’s A-listers.

For many of us, fine lines creep in without us noticing. Your skin is incredible – what’s the best cure for this and what should we not be doing?

I believe that the lines you are referring to in most cases are actually linked to surface dehydration. Surface dehydration is such a common condition. Once your skin is hydrated, you will notice all the fine lines vanish. Surface dehydration is a lack of water in the skin and it cannot be fixed by increasing your water intake. It has to be targeted topically. So usually this surface dehydration is from using too harsh or aggressive foaming cleansers stripping the skin by removing its natural oils. You can easily be dehydrated on the surface but oily underneath, so you really want to target the problem in the right way. So, to boil it down – stop using harsh foaming cleansers on your face.

Which Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration?

I love Danna Omari @noyskincare – she is such a beautiful person and so inspiring to follow as an esthetician to help you grow professionally. I also discovered face reflexology though her and I cannot tell you how excited I am about offering this service in 2021. It fits perfectly with the Gua Sha. My teacher – Jackie Van Ruler @mindbodybeautyinsitute is also so incredibly talented and sweet. Finally, @educateyourskin @askneridajoy – such a powerhouse, gorgeous soul and the ultimate wealth of knowledge in skincare. We need more like her in my industry! Ultimately, I look for inspiration everywhere, but I always try to make it my own.

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