With the workplace landscape constantly changing especially amid the pandemic, a positive change has been witnessed with the UAE improving its position as a positive place to work on the global map.

In recent research completed by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Bayt.com, it was found the UAE as a whole ranked as the 13th most popular country to work in across 190 countries in a survey which featured 209,000 respondents.

Across the board, the 10 most popular countries to work in include: Canada (1), USA (2), Australia (3), Germany (4), UK (5), Japan (6), Switzerland (7), Singapore (8), France (9) and New Zealand (10).


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While on a country scale the UAE may have not ranked in the top 10, Abu Dhabi and Dubai individually ranked in the top five best cities to work in the world.

In the research by BCG, Dubai ranked as the third best city to work in the world, while Abu Dhabi ranked number five.

According to Dr Christopher Daniel, managing director (MD) and partner of BCG Middle East, the appeal to work in the UAE and its main cities is due to its “status being less impacted by the pandemic”.

“Dubai and Abu Dhabi are among the latest success stories in the global city ranking, solidifying their improved positions on the back of the UAE proving to be a regional safe haven in a year of an unprecedented healthcare crisis,” he added.

With the UAE’s vaccination drive having been in full force since the end of last year, it has further helped to improve the UAE’s position, while making it a secure place to work in despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, over seven million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered across the UAE.

For more information regarding the survey visit bcg.com

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