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Dr. Jart is a Korean skincare company that is taking the beauty world by storm. The brand was founded back in 2004, when dermatologist Dr. Sung Jae Jung, and entrepreneur, ChinWok Lee, joined forces to perfect the anti-ageing formula.

Korean skincare brand are all the rage, and Dr Jart is riding on the wave with their infamous rubber face masks and creams. The brand, and their line of skin loving products come courtesy of their love of and commitment to scientific innovation in the field of skincare. The company works with a team of 15 dermatologists from clinics and research universities throughout South Korea to bring you the products and lines you see today.

We interviewed the brand’s CEO ChinWok Lee, to know more about the best skin care routines and what make’s Dr. Jart different than other products in the market.

What inspired the formation of Dr. Jart? What is the story behind the brand’s history and name?

I had a dream for exploring the world, and always wanted to know more about the world. Then, I thought global business would be the best way to do so.


On a quest to find a product that would amaze consumers worldwide, I decided that the beauty space was the place to be. As I was looking for products that hadn’t been seen before, I came across blemish balm in a South Korean skin-care clinic. It was 2004, and the concept of a skincare-makeup hybrid was new, developed for South Korean women looking to shorten their beauty routine as they entered the workforce. And that was the first step the lead me into the world of DrJart.

Dr.Jart means Doctor Join Art, as it’s described by its brand name, Dr.Jart has been developing highly functional derma cosmetics and introducing them in the unique and artistic way of communication. This is where Dr.Jart’s competitive and popular factor is differentiated in its branding, which has been steadily building whilst finding new ways that no other brand has tried before.

 What is the biggest challenge that Dr. Jart has faced since formation?

The biggest challenges we are facing is in the present time. The challenge to survive in this competitive global market. Korean beauty brands have been attracting much attention since the popularity of the Korean culture such as K-pop, the technology, etc. Today, innovative ideas for products with a powerful brand identity is much more important. Only strong brands, such as Dr.Jart, who have been building their own DNA without jumping on the K-beauty trend will grow in this commercial world.

What has been the company’s biggest achievement?

We are very proud of our innovative BB cream and sheet masks. Dr. Jart introduced the market to BB cream in Korea first and then took this trend to the Western market through the very first BB cream introduction in Sephora US in 2011. Literally, we changed the beauty market in the world.

We also introduced new skincare rituals, such as the sheet mask to Western markets. When people think of K-beauty the10 steps of skincare ritual comes to mind. However, Dr. Jart introduced sheet mask as a simple solution with the message of 1 mask = 1 solution.


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Can you tell us more about the Ceramidin and Rubber Mask collections?

Ceramidin and Rubber Mask are our most loved products. Our new Ceramidin is a powerful moisturiser infused with ceramides to strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier while delivering a moisture boost. Now, supercharged with 5-Cera Complex, the deeply moisturising Ceramidin line is even more effective at visibly strengthening skin and preventing dryness in harsh climates

Moving on, our Dermask Rubber Mask is a line of a targeted two-step rubber mask that stimulates the delivery of active ingredients while providing a cooling effect for a radiant healthy-looking complexion. It is a fun and innovative home aesthetic care for various skin concerns. The rubber mask wraps the skin to prevent active ingredients from evaporating allowing for deeper penetration. It is also derived from algae that lowers skin temperature to cool and soothe the skin.

Both products are essential for harsh environments with high temperature weather and dryness.

What are the recommended steps to follow for a skincare routine?

My most recommended routine for skincare is “Cleanse-Treat-Protect”. Cleansing is always the first step of skin care and a very important skin care routine. Usually, Korean women break down the cleansing routine into 3 steps.

First, they gently remove lip & eye make-up and use different cleansers such as oil, water, foam, or balm to perfectly cleanse oil-based and water-based make-up (e.g. cleansing oil in the first step and washing off with cleansing foam in the second step). They exfoliate once or twice a week to normalize the skin recovery cycle.

Cream is more for protecting the skin and shielding it from drying out from external entities. The ampoule is deeply penetrating and is used to improve skin functions. Korean women are afraid of dehydration, so they always spray mist to provide instant hydration and freshness and use 1 mask per day for intensive moisturising care and for keeping their skin healthy.

Lastly, protection is super important. Korean women always apply sunscreen to block UV rays. Therefore, various application types were developed to apply the sunscreen all the time, for example the UV protecting cushion. All these skin care regimens help make the skin flawless and healthy.

What are three essential products for a skincare routine?

As I mentioned above, the “Cleanse-Treat-Protect” routine is very important. So, I would like to recommend Dermaclear Micro Foam to cleanse, Ceramidin cream to treat, and BB Cream to protect.


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What makes your products different from the many brands out there?

As I mentioned before, it is the differentiated branding that has been steadily building, while finding new ways that no other brands have tried before. We always try to make products that can explain brand heritage and to communicate in brand-specific styles.

As the name Doctor Join Art insinuates, there is a brand philosophy inspired by art and culture based on dermatological science. We constantly study new ways without getting caught up in the rules, communicate freely with artists in various fields, and learn about The Fourth Industry, humanities, etc. and share ideas about art, even when employees do market research. The artistic sensibility of our products is shown in interesting and unique packages and in our communication.

What goes into making a product? What is your main ingredient?

Dr.Jart pursues the development of healthy and safe products by conducting a thorough regimen of research and testing. We aim to gain the trust of our fans by offering them the safest and healthiest products possible. We use key ingredients such as Ceramides in Ceramidin and Centella Asiatica extract in Cicapair. The Centella Asiatica extract is for trouble/irritated skin and is excellent in soothing, recovery, and rejuvenation.

The Ceramide ingredient is for dry/damaged barrier skin and is a major component of intercellular lipid on the skin barrier. It helps by strengthening the skin barrier, making it stronger and more moisturised.

Are there skincare trends or products that you think work really well for this market?

Moisturising is definitely very important, especially for those living in harsh environmental conditions which suffer from a high outdoor temperature leading to dryness and cool indoor climates which also lead to dryness due to air conditioning. When this situation is repeated, the moisture is taken away from the skin and moisture retention is reduced. Therefore, moisturising the skin is a necessity to enhance the moisture retention. Dr.Jart’s Ceramidin collection is an ultimate moisturiser which delivers deep hydration into the skin. We also recommend using a moisturising sheet mask or a rubber mask as well for your special home care.


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What can we expect in the future for Dr. Jart? Are there any upcoming launches?

We are now planning to launch new products for the Cicapair range. I can’t share the details of it just yet, but please expect to see these soon!

In your opinion, why has Korea spurred such a worldwide beauty phenomenon? What makes K-beauty different than everything else in the market?

Korean consumers are very sensitive to the new trend and have very low loyalty to brands. They prefer to try advanced-technology and new concepts while expecting outstanding performances.

Korean consumers also have very deep understanding of cosmetics. They read and study the ingredients of cosmetic products and understand their benefits and side-effects. They even create their own skincare routine and share it with their friends. There are numbers of local cosmetic-related companies in Korea. We have lots of local cosmetic brands, cosmetic manufacturers, and specialty multi chain brands which have more than 1,000 doors in Korean market. Korean consumers are affected by all those aspects. So, if your brand has survived in the Korean cosmetics market, it means that is has certain competitiveness in the global market.

Dr. Jart’s products are available in Sephora!

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