Negin Baradari speaks to Emirates Woman about how the time of your birth affects your Energy Typology and how Energy Management can support a journey to self-awareness and clarity of our inner wiring.

Can you tell us more about Human Design and how the time of your birth can affect your life?

Human Design is a selfdiscovery modality rooted in science and ancient wisdom. Your bio data (i.e. time, date and place of birth) are applied to create your unique chart offering clarity and awareness of self. The exact time of birth is an essential factor in creating your chart because it determines the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the moment of birth.

What do the planet positions have to do with our unique set of skills?

Well, it is based in the fact that the reason why we’re affected by planets and why it can change our inner energetic wiring based on when/where we’re born is because we live in a stream of subatomic particles (also known as “neutrinos”) that are programming us since the specific time and date we’re born. The planetary positions, in turn, determine the specific energies and characteristics that an individual is said to possess. For example, the position of the sun in your chart determines your conscious energy and purpose, while the position of the moon determines your unconscious patterns and emotional nature. Additionally, the time of birth is used to calculate your life’s purpose and potential based on the position of the Earth in relation to the sun at the time of birth. Therefore, having an accurate time of birth is essential in creating an accurate and personalised Human Design chart that accurately reflects your unique energy and characteristics.

What is at the core of Human Design?

We are each uniquely wired on an energetic level. Human Design asks at its core – how am I wired to be using and exchanging my energy in the most gracious way in my life? This approach to self-recognition offers you clues and tips across various life themes including but not limited to your strengths, communication skills, optimal lifestyle and beyond.

You’ve expanded your remit to include energy management – what does this encompass and how can it benefit us?

In my practice, I’ve zoomed out to encompass behavioural change and scientific data into my methodology leading me to what I have coined “energy management”. The term “energy management” considers an optimisation of time, stress and attention management based on your unique needs to offer you a suite of practical applications throughout your personal and professional life. Energy Management is a system that combines ancient wisdom (i.e. iching, Chakra System, Human Design, amongst others), science (quantum physics, genomics) and behavioural change practices. It provides a highly customised roadmap of your energetic operating system. It offers practical insights into areas such as how you are designed to make decisions, interact with others, and operate in terms of work. Energy management is not only useful for individuals but also for families and teams leading to organisational development by leveraging on customised peak performance.

Time is a luxury today – how do you protect your time and energy daily to optimise output?

Time, akin to Energy, is an undervalued currency in my opinion. Time is composed of two distinct aspects: just like as a set of twins, the ancient Greeks did a great job with their mythology to explain this. Sometimes it can be helpful to look back in order to move forwards. In the Greek language, there are two words to describe time:Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is chronological, linear time. Chronos time is where the ego thrives. It is what we want when we want it, the expectation that as one event comes to an end, the next should arrive right that moment. It’s the part of us that tells us we should have a job, a house, a spouse, or children by a certain age. Our ego aggressively sets a timetable, but so much of its pursuit is rooted in fear, control, and social conditioning. Checking off the ego’s items before our soul is ready for them often leaves us with a sense of emptiness and disappointment. Kairos, on the other hand, is nonlinear, sacred time. This is the Universe’s divine plan – that everything is unfolding in perfect timing for our soul’s highest evolvement. It is restarting your career when you discover a new passion at 50 or falling in love and being giddy at 78. The timing is not convenient or logical by the ego’s standard, but it fulfills our soul’s deepest longing and purpose. To be aligned with Kairos is to know that there is an intelligence vaster than our limited vision orchestrating in our favour, and to trust that things will turn out to be perfect as the Universe intended. It is mystical, timeless and leaves you with a sense of awe and gratitude. And isn’t that something we could benefit from now more than ever? I have been testing the fundamentals of energy management on myself for many years now and can say with confidence that I am more and more in tune with my own energy typology, which has been quite liberating. My energy typology is my customised user manual that I use on a daily basis to optimise my habits, enhance my energy levels and align with a lifestyle that fuels me and feels empowering to me depending of what season or stage of life I am finding myself in. Being aware of my energy typology has become my guilt-free cheat sheet to optimising my spending time with people that I truly care about, engaging in activities that energise me and tending to my purpose one daily tiny habit at a time.


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When have you had to trust the timing of your life most and what allowed you to do so?

All-in-all, it’s a daily practice especially for the ones amongst us trying to live intentional lives in a time-snatching society filled with overstimulation coming at us from all directions. One of the most critical skills in life – and yet never taught in school – is choosing where to direct your energy and therefore also your time. We are not taught how to invest our energy or how to invest our energy in alignment to our own inner circuitry.

Which daily habits and practices do you make time for to ensure you show up as your highest self?

The easier the habits the more likely you’ll stick to them so I keep things simple in life in general. My morning coffee before I check my phone I enjoy with no distraction, it’s my moment of self-reflection and usually the reflection consists of:
∙ morning coffee + reflection
∙ my reflection while siping my coffee goes like this to structure my day
∙ three key things I want to get done that day
∙ two tiny habits that I want to practise that make me feel alive (this can be double-downing on hydration and going for a 10 min walk after dinner at the ocean front); and last but not least
∙ one frequency/emotion/vibration (usually one word e.g. empowered, kind, sparkly, magnetic, satisfied, etc. I want to feel throughout the day and I make sure to check in throughout the day with myself to calibrate or recalibrate to that vibration.

Have you had any mentors and if so, what advice did they impart?

Yes, I have had lots of mentors at different stages of my life – most of them are not even aware of how much they have mentored me in a subconscious way. One of my mentors is hands-down a woman who truly has proven that managing your energy can get you beyond what you could ever dream of. I’ve had the privilege to have access to Shari Jafari, CEO of not only one but three companies – Beyond Beauty Club, Simon Ourian M.D. and MDO Cosmetic Dermatology. Shari taught me to curate my time wisely with 1) what I do (performance), 2) what space(s) feels conducive to me to perform (environment), and 3) whose presence and energy I surround myself with (people). Beyond the many pearls of advice Shari has imparted to me, I truly believe that her deepest impact on me has been her way of life and observing her truly create the life of her dreams across all avenues of her life. She works hard, acknowledges and celebrates her peers and last but not least will create opportunities for others, especially women to go beyond what they think is possible. For me that’s sheer elegance – impacting lives IRL without the need of influencing opinions in the digital world…

What advice would you give your younger self?

Never skip an opportunity to celebrate life with your loved ones – be it your biological and/ or chosen family. Life expands and unfolds in a beautiful way when spent in good company. You have the power to make time contract or expand based on your desires.

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