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Dior’s SS23 menswear collection is a tribute to Freedom and Ocean waves

Blue was definitely the warmest colour in Dior’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

The brand’s creative minds, Kim Jones and Eli Russel Linnetz co-created “California Couture” collection, which has been gearing up momentum since May.

The free-spirited California-inspired collection made its debut at guest designer Linnetz’s Venice Beach home with key iconic pieces. By striking the ultimate balance between audacity and refinement, the collection has been given the Cali treatment.

Satin over-sized suits and knitwear in pastel shades lead the way whilst quilted puffer jackets and uber cool quilted accessories have been designed with the skate scene in mind. Jones noted he was influenced by the glamor of Christian Dior’s time in the United States while designing the collection, while Linnetz dove into Dior’s archives to unearth inspiration from 1991.

Emirates Man have picked out the stand-out pieces below, We can’t wait to get our hands on the collection and book a ticket to the West Coast immediately!

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Images: Supplied 

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