Deepika Padukone has become the first Indian brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton.

As part of her new role with the luxury fashion house, the Bollywood actress has starred front and centre in their brand new campaign alongside fellow actresses Emma Stone and Zhou Dongyu.

Padukone, along with her fellow LV ambassadors, is seen modelling in the new Dauphine bag campaign.


Louis Vuitton Deepika Padukone

Her new ambassador role with Louis Vuitton is just one of many she can add to her resume.

Known for wearing many hats, Padukone is an actress, producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur and an advocate for mental health and it’s exciting to see how she takes on another crucial role in the world of fashion.

Recently Padukone was recognised for her advocation of mental health issues at TIME’s ‘100 Most Influential People’ event in Dubai.

During her acceptance speech, Padukone acknowledged her own struggles with mental health during the event.

“For all the times I felt lost, confused, disappointed, it is recognitions such as these that remind me that I am indeed on the right path. At least for the most part and validate my life that is fuelled by purpose, authenticity and mindfulness,” she said.

For this Bollywood superstar, the only way is up.

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