The latest trend to watch out for

Dating in Dubai is something of a revolving door. With new people arriving on the scene every day, you ample of opportunities to meet “the one”, but unfortunately you may have to kiss a few frogs along the way.


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Not only that but there are numerous dating terms to keep in mind, and we’ve just came across a brand new trend that could be sweeping through our sandy city.

Forget ghosting and orbiting, you now have ‘fireworking’ to worry about. You know you’re being fireworked when early on in your dating history they go out of their way to put you on display. It might be flattering to think they want to show you off, but watch out as it could be an attempt to make there ex jealous, or to impress their friends.


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Do you feel like they’re constantly posting pictures of your dates? Showering you with OTT date locations so they can get the best possible content for their Instastories? These could all be signs of fireworking.

The difference between the genuine excitement to spend time with you and fireworking is their feed. If they are posting as though you’re the “love of their life” but don’t make you feel like that, then it’s time to call them out on it.


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Next time ask if they can keep the pictures of your date just between you two, if they seem to get upset about it then perhaps you should move on.

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