We need a millennial dictionary.

It’s hard enough dating in the modern digital age when you are reduced to simple swipe left or right, but throw in the new lingo and we are completely lost.


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The online space has opened up a world of possibilities in finding ‘the one’ but it has also created an environment where people can drop in and out of contact at a push of a button. Luckily we are more confident than ever to share disaster stories and are continuously creating a new language for dating in the era of social media.

Below we have listed some of the most popular dating terminology to help you filter out the good from the not so great.


Everything seems to be going great and then out of the blue they cease all contact and literally disappear. ‘Ghosting’ behaviour has been around for a couple of years and in our opinion is reserved for those who don’t have the courage to break it off with someone.


That person who ghosted you suddenly reappears with a comment on a post or a retweet. They probably won’t get in touch directly so if their behavior becomes frustrating, we suggest hitting that ‘block’ button.


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Communication might be down and it can be months since you last made contact, yet they are still watching every single one of your Instastories. This Orbiting tactic keeps them in your mind but it is unlikely that they will commit to anything further.


They feed you crumbs of information like a generic WhatsApp or a random comment on a post to keep them in your mind, but none of these crumbs have any substance.


They don’t want to see you anymore but stay in touch? Looks like you’ve just been ‘benched’. They send lazy messages or make plans that never happen, meanwhile stringing you along until they get a better offer. If you feel that you are someone’s plan B, you need them out of your life.


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Might sound a bit grim but this term is reserved for an ex who ‘comes back from the dead’ and tries to jump back into your life after acting like a stranger.


You know how Marie Kondo helps de-clutter your home, well now this is being applied in relationships where partners get thrown out if they don’t add to every day happiness. Harsh.


A milder version of catfishing (when someone pretends to be a different person online), kittenfishing is about enhancing your profile to make you seem more appealing. Maybe it’s Facetuning how you look or mentioning a hobby that you don’t actually have. It seems harmless, but you can get carried away with those filters.

Good luck singletons.

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