Over the last couple of months, the number of COVID-19 cases has increased which has led to tighter restrictions in emirates.

However, on Wednesday, February 24, the number of active cases in the UAE dropped to its lowest level in three months.

A new 3,102 positive cases were recorded bringing the total cases to 378,637, but there were also 3,814 recoveries bringing the total to 370,381. This means there are currently 7,092 active cases in the country.

Since the start of the pandemic last year, the UAE has ensured to implement a successful mass testing model, with over 26 million PCR tests being conducted to date.

A similar approach has been taken with administering COVID-19 vaccines in the UAE.

UAE’s vaccination program

It was announced last week that the UAE had reached the milestone of administering over five million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, with the aim of vaccinating half of the population by March.

This milestone in the vaccination process bodes well for the nation’s aim to vaccinate half of the population by the end of March and also showcases the UAE as one of the leaders in the world in vaccination rates.

At present, there are four COVID-19 vaccinations being administered in the UAE.

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The first vaccine to be approved in the UAE was the Sinophram vaccine, followed by the Pfizer vaccine being permitted in Dubai towards the end of last year.

In January, Russia’s Sputnik V was approved for emergency use. And now, just recently, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved in Dubai.

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