Denies coronavirus claims

Haifa Wehbe has been forced to deny a report claiming she has coronavirus.

Sharing a screenshot of a report from Asia News, the Lebanese singer slammed the accusation she had contracted the virus.

The outlet claimed rumours were circulating amongst those on social media in Egypt that the singer was being treated in an Egyptian hospital for COVID-19. The publication also stated it could not confirm the rumours about Wehbe.

The 33-year-old took the matter into her own hands, taking to Twitter slamming the publication of a “lie” about her.

“Can you name the hospital?” she tweeted. “I want to visit it and tell them that a story was published quoting social media users!! And the newspaper is confused if it is rumored!!”

The singer also questioned why the alleged “news” was published if it could not be confirmed, adding reporting such things hurts family members in the midst of everything.

“Since it was not possible for the agency to confirm the authenticity of the news, I ask you not to publish it and so the news doesn’t become fake news, the text of which is a lie that might harm her mother, and break her sister’s heart,” she said.

Currently there have been over 330,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus globally, with an estimated 98,000 that are active. In the UAE, there have been 153 cases of COVID-19, with 113 of those currently active, 38 recovered and two fatal.

On Sunday, the UAE government urged all members of the public to stay home, unless it’s “absolutely necessary” to leave to get essential supplies like food and medicine, or if you are person in an essential job.

Last night a joint statement was issued by the Ministry of Interior and the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority telling all UAE citizens, residents, vistors and everyone living in the country to follow the guidelines that have been issued: limit social interactions and avoid going to crowded places.

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Images: Instagram, Twitter