The Dubai 24 hour sterilisation programme has been extended, per instructions from official authorities.

On Friday it was announced by the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management via the Dubai Media Office Twitter page, that the programme, which was initially put in place on April 4, would be taking place for another week.

“The Supreme Committee for Crisis & Disaster Management in Dubai announces the extension of the 24-hour National Sterilisation Programme for a further week, in light of the success achieved by the initiative, in place since April 4, in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in Dubai,” the statement posted on social media said.


With the programme underway, all Dubai residents are required to stay home. If residents are to leave their houses, movement permits are to be obtained unless they work in a vital sector.

Changes were made to the movement permits prior to the extension on the 24-hour lockdown.

Residents will only be able to apply for a movement permit for essential grocery and pharmacy shopping once every three days.

The latest update also states all residents can only obtain a permit to leave the house for cash withdrawals or deposits at ATMs every five days.

Permits can be applied for online, where you fill out your details, the location of where you’re going to and the date and time. Once your permit has been approved you will receive a text message.

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