Melika Yazdjerdi, the co-founder of Perpétuel and Ashfields Consultancies shares her insight for beginners about watch collecting with Emirates Woman.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

My schedule has changed a lot since I had my twins recently and my time is really determined by them. Most days my morning starts at 4 am or 5 am and the routine begins with feeding and play time with the twins before getting ready for work.

What is the first thing you look for when purchasing a watch?

When it comes to timepieces, the factors that matter to me can vary depending on whether it’s a vintage timepiece or modern watch. I tend to value the story behind fine independent watches, while for vintage timepieces, the brand history and movement are what I focus on.

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What should one learn as a beginner watch enthusiast?

I believe that the foundation of one’s collecting journey is crucial, and I always advise those interested in horology to consider their motivations for starting a collection. Another important factor is to start with what personally resonates with you. Regardless of the watch’s value or your budget, what’s most important is that it brings you joy and satisfaction when you wear it.

How do you determine whether a timepiece is worth collecting?

The value of a timepiece really depends on its history and story. For example, if you are buying a historical or vintage timepiece, the value is often determined by the rarity of the piece and the sentiment in the collecting community. In terms of modern watches, the fine independent brands have a lot to offer and, in my opinion, they are the future of the collector’s journey. These brands are driven by passion and often the value of these timepieces come from their technical perfection and the support from the collecting community.

What do you find fascinating about horology and how did your love for watches begin?

My love for watches and the horological industry stems from the amazing people I have met along the way. These individuals have had a profound impact on how I perceive watches, collecting, and the industry as a whole. Their knowledge and passion have inspired me to maintain my own passion for this fascinating field.

What are your favourite timepieces?

The Krayon Anywhere, the Singer Reimagined Flytrack, the Roger W. Smith series 1, and my vintage Patek Philippe Nautilus.

How would you describe the watch collecting trend in the Middle East?

The collecting community has truly evolved and expanded over the past five years, and it is really refreshing to see so many collectors moving towards fine independent brands. We have also noticed that collectors, both male and female, are less inclined to collect jewelled watches which used to be very popular in the past. Now collectors are mainly focused on the technical aspects of the timepiece along with the story and legacy of the brand.


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This is The Horology Issue – how do you use your time wisely?

I hold my time in high regard, recognizing it as a valuable commodity that deserves to be spent wisely. To that end, I prioritise spending my time with loved ones, engaging in activities that bring me joy, and constantly seeking out new learning opportunities. I am selective with the people and situations I invest my time in, choosing to focus on those that align with my values and bring positive energy into my life.

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