Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, speaks to Emirates Man on expansion plans in the region, wellness rituals, and powerful habits. 

What is the brand’s overall approach to wellness?

Clinique La Prairie is the destination of choice for those seeking the most advanced longevity programs with a 360° approach using a combination of 4 pillars into a unique method: medicine-genetics, nutrition, wellbeing and movement.

We are renowned internationally for our prowess in this longevity expertise. Almost a century after we first launched in 1931, our science-backed, holistic approach is ready to prove just why it is such an eternal bastion of ultra-exclusive health, from immunity boosting to stress relief, personal reflection to the delaying of one’s own aging process.

What sets the Longevity Hub apart from other wellness destinations?

Longevity Hubs have been designed to offer first access to our longevity method in city locations, so clients can regularly engage with experts for building health routines. The Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie is today the most advanced day centre in the world for Longevity, delivering hyper-personalized protocols to optimize health and performance, through the lenses of longevity, well-being, and aesthetics. Guests are able to access premium rejuvenation, well-being and aesthetics protocols, including our signature Longevity Index to create personalised and beneficial plans to live fuller, healthier, and longer. From individual treatments to bespoke health journeys, we enable you to embrace Longevity to maximize health, performance and physical appearance, so you can always be the best version of yourself.

What are some state-of-the-art technologies available at the Longevity Hub?

Drawing inspiration from regenerative sciences, we created an advanced Longevity Index which analyses several aspects of your current inside-out health and guides you through today’s most innovative treatments backed by science. The state-of-the-art technologies we are using are: cryo-chamber, infrared light therapies, neuromodulation, IV drips, and nutraceuticals, which will be completed in the near future by more wellness and longevity technologies. All this in an ambiance of absolute luxury, characteristic of Clinique La Prairie, with sophisticated nutrition, aesthetics and body treatments. Our approach also integrates experiences combining targeted treatments to energise, re-balance and glow. 

In Doha’s Longevity Hub, “Movement” is also central with an outstanding movement lab and large workout area. Every journey includes a tailored follow-up program from a specialised coaching team. They advise on personal goals and provide personalised guidance on how to pursue set objectives.

What were the challenges or hurdles in opening the Longevity Hub in Doha?

The challenge with the expansion is to retain the highest degree of exclusivity and service as we grow. It is an essential, and always an ambitious balance. I look at it in terms of preserving our core competencies as a company. And these are to deliver our premium services in the Clinique La Prairie way, to a limited number of individual clients who have the financial resources to invest in those services.

The challenge is to exploit our strengths and brand promises in the right ways. With Alfardan Group and the St.Regis Marsa Arabia, our partners in this exceptional Doha opening, we know we have the perfect partners to be able to offer our highly customized, ultra-personalized service at the Longevity Hub.

Clinique La Praire Gym Doha

Are there plans on expanding within the region?

Yes, absolutely!

We have just announced Clinique La Prairie Health Resort Amaala, our most important Health and Longevity-focused project, in partnership with Red Sea Global, leading the development of the world’s most ambitious regenerative travel destinations. Clinique La Prairie Amaala will be located on Saudi Arabia’s north-western coastline and will be an exclusive resort of 36,115 sqm, housing 52 rooms and suites, and 13 villas. It is planned for 2024 and will feature sustainability as cornerstone. The resort will include the latest technologies developed over our 90 years and next-generation therapies.

And there is another project of Longevity Hub in the region that I can not unveil yet, but will be a fantastic addition to our network of centers. 

“Clinique La Prairie Amaala will be located on Saudi Arabia’s north-western coastline and will be an exclusive resort of 36,115 sqm, housing 52 rooms and suites, and 13 villas.”

You’ve embarked on a different industry from consulting to cosmetic and then wellness business. Tell us about your career journey.

I started my career working for over 10 years in consulting, following strategic and organisational projects for many leading Italian and international companies, with a special focus on luxury, business performance enhancement and intangible assets. I then moved into the cosmetic business, where I held leading position as General Manager and CEO of International companies. I also serve on the board of multiple cosmetic and health companies. I am truly passionate about our industries and our vibrant world, and so I also like very much to write and exchange views. I am always excited to contribute as speaker about wellness, luxury and business strategies. I have written two books and articles for international publications.

I joined Clinique La Prairie in 2016, and it is such a wonderful company and brand. It’s an honor to drive its international development and diversification. The recent launch of the Holistic Health longevity supplements was a key chapter of it as well.  All the new developments give us more possibility to invest in what I believe is our real “core business”: Innovation. We will more and more be able to scout and develop the best technologies in the field of Longevity. We want to remain at the forefront of Innovation in the field. 

What are your wellness rituals?

I have a downtime morning routine that helps me drive my day and intentions: 6:30am wake up, hot water with lemon, a short session of yoga, a mental review of my day goals, and then I go to the office.

How do you reset your mind and body?

20 minutes of transcendental meditation twice a day, every day, no matter what happens! It is a great practice to build balance. This technique has proven cardiovascular and anti-ageing benefits.

What are powerful habits that have changed your life and career?

On a personal level, the routines I have described above, combined with healthy nutrition, regular workout are essential drivers for me. And books are really part of a routine in my life, they are a great source of inspiration.

On the career side, I intentionally chose my first jobs in roles where there were people I could learn from, and I always positioned myself in a deep observation mode to learn what they were doing differently that made them successful. Nowadays, I always put myself in a mindset to ask questions, and to be ready to endure the discomfort of the uncomfortable answers these questions create.

A balance of habits and shaking habits for unlocking opportunities.

Personally, what do you think is the secret of living?

The eye-opening experience of Clinique La Prairie method – combined with a continued curiosity to discover, learn and grow!

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