Claire Miller, facialist and founder of The Skincare Edit Arabia, talks to Emirates Woman about her hero beauty products.

Lumino Brightening Serum Dhs487 Zelens

Pigmentation is a year-round challenge for me in the UAE and I’ve tried and tested hundreds of brightening serums over the years. Zelens Lumino Brightening Serum is a game changer for both prevention and correction of pigmentation. Packed with intelligent active ingredients it is both a client and personal favourite.

Dermatologist Face Fluid SPF 50 Dhs51 Altruist

SPF is a daily essential for me. Altruist is a ‘charity’ sun protection brand that has both my heart and my head. Incredible formulations at a price that cannot be beaten, the face fluid has a beautiful finish, sits great under makeup and with exceptional broad-spectrum coverage from both UVA and UVB harmful rays it’s a win-win.

Super Seed Serum Broccoli Seed & Peptides Dhs348 Votary

I first discovered this serum when I was working with a VIP client who asked me if I could help find her something she could use for her highly re-active/sensitive skin at home. This serum has since been a staple to prescribe to clients to calm skins and balance routines that use a lot of actives such as retinoids and exfoliating acids in combination.

Probiotic Shelf Stable Dhs147 JSHealth

The gut-skin axis is routed inmore and more scientific studies,and I see connections from gut heath to skin inflammation through client stories every week. I love the JSHealth shelf stable formula for its wide ranging and varied colony of over 35+ billion units of good bacteria flora. The fact I don’t need to keep them in the fridge means I stay more consistent day to day and great for when I travel too.

Arborealist Hand and Body Wash Dhs183 Verden

The most heavenly texture with 100% natural extracts of uplifting orange that elevates your senses and mood. I’m addicted to the hand and body wash and now nothing else compares.

Goddess Lip Stick in SpiceDhs99 Eye of Horus

I love a stain lipstick that has staying power whilst also nourishing my ultra-dry lips. The colour spice is my absolute favourite for a pick-me up and colour boost. With a sustainable approach to packaging and innovative formulations infused with natural oils and marine botanicals I’m not moving on from this modern take on lip sticks from Eye of Horus.

Microbiome P3 Balancing Mist Dhs241 Zelens


If there is something I wish I understood sooner, it is the importance of hydration on the skin. It improves literally ‘everything’ and dehydration is one of the most common skin conditions I see here in the UAEaffecting oily to dry skins. Mists are toners of the 21st century, Zelens P3 mist is an all-round super charged radiance giver. such as retinoids and exfoliating acids in combination.

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