In a dazzling celebration of opulence and tradition, Cartier has inaugurated its latest boutique in Mumbai at the Jio World Plaza, with House Ambassador Deepika Padukone.

This marks the second Cartier boutique in India, following the earlier establishment in New Delhi. It aligns seamlessly with the Maison’s enduring connection with the country, a relationship steeped in history spanning over a century.

Mumbai, renowned for its multifaceted blend of culture, entertainment, and economic prowess, now stands adorned with the exquisite presence of Cartier. The boutique, a manifestation of Parisian savoir-faire meeting the vibrancy of Mumbai, is a testament to Cartier’s commitment to a timeless alliance that has significantly influenced the brand’s craftsmanship throughout the decades.

Sophie Doireau, the CEO of Cartier Middle East, India, Africa & Turkey, expressed the Maison’s dedication to this enduring bond, stating, “India is a vibrant country with a dynamic and youthful population that is both inspired by its heritage and poised to innovate for a brighter future. The launch of our boutique in Mumbai is a testament to the Maison’s commitment to a long-lasting relationship that has had a significant impact on Cartier’s craftsmanship for over a century.”

Welcoming patrons with an awe-inspiring mural of the iconic Cartier panther, bathed in the Maison’s signature red, gold, and beige hues, the journey unfolds into a realm where Cartier and India converge seamlessly.

The VIP Salon, an exclusive enclave, offers a haven of privacy and comfort. Coffered ceilings draw inspiration from the carved wooden Havelis architecture, enveloping the space in luxurious opulence. Walls adorned in auspicious colors, including yellow for luck and success, and blue symbolizing life and power, complete the sensory journey.

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Images: Supplied by Cariter & Feature Image: Instagram @deepikapadukone