Any parent knows, trying to get your little ones to stay still and smile at the camera is a near impossible feat, thankfully these tips will do just the trick.

While there are some children who love getting in front of a camera (there’s no holding them back), others will run a mile, here’s how to capture the perfect family photos whatever your child’s personality:

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Address the issue

Your child may be camera shy because they associate cameras or photos with something else. Once you identify the fear or worry that your child may associate with cameras, then you will be able to work on it and instill confidence in them.

Get them familiar with the camera

If you practice taking photos with your child regularly, they will become more comfortable facing cameras, even from strangers. You can do this with a laptop camera, mobile phone or digital cameras so that your child can get used to the different methods and techniques of taking photos.

Have fun with it

Get down to their level, play with them and talk to them whilst holding the camera. You can make it fun by introducing some of their favourite toys, dancing,singing and making funny faces to capture genuine laughter. With time, the child will start associating photos with fun and they will no longer feel camera shy.

Know what works best with your child

Your child might have an item of clothing that makes them happy all day long – don’t make them wear something uncomfortable or unfamiliar just because it might look prettier, people won’t even notice what they’re wearing if you capture their genuine expressions in clothes they are more comfortable in. The same goes for venues, think about where you are trying to photograph your child in terms of what will feel better for them, rather than what would make the best backdrop for you.

Whether your child is a natural performer or a little camera shy, with a bit of time and patience, you will be surprised at some of the incredible photos you will capture naturally.

Family Photo

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