IN PARTNERSHIP: Bvlgari is encouraging everyone to uncover the beauty of the Middle East this Ramadan.

From their latest teaser film which was recently released, their Italian protagonist, Sofia, uncovers the true nature and charm of the region as she explores the meaning of Ramadan.

The film further strengthens the bond between Bvlgari’s ties to the region by revealing a collection to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan.

It portrays the common values shared between the Italian and Arabic culture which pays homage to the beautiful elements from the Middle East’s heritage.

This celebratory release coincides with the exclusive Middle East launch showcasing the opulent limited-edition creations created especially for the Holy Month.

Sofia explores the revered traditions, as we see her documenting her experience in Polaroid photos to devour those precious moments. She embraces the scintillating landscapes, traditional henna designs, the Bakhor incense and ends the night with a warm welcoming dinner where hosts are seen adorned in Bvglari’s fine creations.

Bvlgari Ramadan jewellery

At the centre of Bvlgari’s Ramadan edit, is the Divas’ Dream Necklace, which has been designed exclusively for the Middle East.

The piece plays a vital role in the film as it’s inspired by the refined woman to reflect the very essence of Italian beauty through the fan-shaped mosaics.

The pendant set is adorned with a diamond, malachite elements and pavé diamonds to represent the allure of the Eternal Roman spirit.

For a meaningful gift to wear during celebrations and every day after that Bvlgari’s Ramadan edit includes:

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