World’s tallest hotel, world’s tallest building, world’s biggest mall and now it seems like Dubai is trying to get the ‘world’s cheapest hotel room’ accolade.

That’s right, the city that’s often dubbed ‘bling’ and that has 42,000 millionaires, will soon open a hotel that offers rooms for US$2 (Dhs7) a night.

Chototel, a new hotel chain that is already getting positive attention in Nagothane, India, is looking to replicate that prosperity in Dubai.

While there is no shortage of top luxury suites – the Churchill Suite in St Regis Dubai can set you back Dhs75,000 a night – there are little to no options when it comes to super-­budget hotels.

“We see the UAE as our next big target,” said Rhea Silva, the 24-year-old managing director and founder of the London-based technology start-up in an interview with The National.

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Don’t expect a private butler or Molton Brown products in your room. Chototel keeps costs down by offering no thrills accommodation, that uses innovative technologies, including steel-framed dry construction.

“Chototel is employing the benefits of Light Gauge Steel Framing to build cheaper, quicker and greener. Steel framing technology reduces materials wastage compared to conventional construction techniques, and eliminates the need for bricks and wood as raw materials,” reads the hotel’s site.

“The buildings are manufactured off-site and then assembled onsite. This ensures the quality of the construction and reduces construction time to a 180-day cycle. Each Chototel will have insulated walls, reducing the need for heating and cooling devices and consequently saving energy. At peak load, the houses are designed to consume less than 100 watts.”

Uninterrupted electricity, water, gas and internet, will be available on a pay-per-use basis, as well as free TV.

The rooms are quaint is size at 280 sq ft. This includes a pantry, bathroom, and a multipurpose room with a cupboard, study/dining area and a sofa bed.
The reason behind Chototel’s mission:

As well as offering supremely affordable rooms. Chototel also has a humanitarian motive, is “mission is to be a catalyst in ending homelessness, by building the world’s largest affordable hotel business.”

To read more about the hotel’s mission, visit its site.

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