Do you suffer from intense migraines, back strains, and high blood pressure? Did you know the answer to your problems could be a great chiropractor?

It’s so much more than just cracking your body and correcting bad posture. Chiropractic care is so often underrated, but it’s actually a very effective drug-free and surgery-free path to healing naturally.

This means finding a good chiropractor isn’t only key but essential.

Bookmark this feature as we will continue to update the list, but here are some tried and tested best chiropractors in Dubai.

Where: OHC, Dubai Healthcare City, (04) 4232096

Doctor: Peter Engmark

Dr Engmark was described to us as the miracle man and after one hour with the specialist we understood why.

As well as being a specialised chiropractor he is also a trained CBT Counsellor as such he is able to determine whether the pain you are having is actually the result of a more psychological issues – often it is.

After an initial body assessment Dr Engmark corrects misalignments by gently ‘cracking’ your body. The difference you feel is instant. Migraines can disappear after one session. Trust us, we can 100 per cent vouch for this.

Dr Engmark, who is a firmer believer in mindfulness mediations ends his sessions with a form of cranial osteopathy. Basically it feels like he is holding you head in his hands, while you lie on your back and relax. The idea is to relieve tension. Your reaction to this depends on your stress levels. Most fall asleep while others might find it uncomfortable.

Following sessions with Dr Peters can include both correcting misalignment or some patients prefer to ditch the ‘cracking’ in favour of a chat and cranial osteopathy. The choice is yours.

Cost: Dhs450 for 30mins, Dhs600 for 45mins, Dhs800 for one hour


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Where: Pure, Dubai Media City, (04) 4533313

Doctor: Madelaine Franklin

Specialising in both physiotherapy and chiropractic methods, Pure can often combine both methods in one session to ensure the patient gets the specific treatment they need, after all no two people are the same.

In your initial appointment Dr Franklin will discuss your aliments before using a Myovision device on your back. Don’t worry this takes around 90 seconds and is completely safe and non-invasive. It’s essentially a handheld scanner, to measure electric activity in your skeletal muscles. The scan helps pinpoint your problem areas.

After running through the results of the scan, Dr Franklin then focuses on your issues, massaging out knots and cracking to realign any misalignments. The process is quick and pain-free.

Sometimes Dr Franklin might determine whether you need a combination of physiotherapy and chiropractic care and in that case will literally refer you the office next door (still within Pure). So sometimes your session might be split between time with the chiropractor and with the physio. Whatever gets the best results for you.

Cost: Dhs550 for initial consultation including treatment total time is 30-40mins, Dhs350 for subsequent sessions of 20mins


Where: Disc, Dubai Healthcare City (04) 5516070

Doctor: Tamara Ghazi

Whether you need to see a chiropractor or not, a visit to this place is a must just to check out the stunning interiors. We promise you will leave with a mental moodboard of how to transform your living room.

But back to the treatments. After a brief consultation Dr Ghazi works on your concerned areas to determine what is wrong, and we mean works. She totally prods, kneads and presses  – all professionally of course – to get to the right spots.

No machines are used here. Manipulation is all manual allowing Dr Ghazi to truly feel the problem areas and determine which channels need to be opened up.

In some cases this may include acupuncture. “Acupuncture allows you to break down the tougher knots in the body,” she explains.

Using a mixture of manipulation, massages, cracks and acupuncture the doctor truly gets to the roots of the problem. Depending on how bad your ‘issues’ are this can be slightly uncomfortable and a little painful, but you will feel the difference and the benefits.

Following your session Dr Ghazi will recommended any supplements and/or exercises that might help with you situation.

Cost: Dhs550 for initial consultation including treatment total time is 45mins, Dhs450 for subsequent sessions of 30mins

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