During self-isolation, many are taking the opportunity to give themselves a good dose a TLC whether that be in the beauty department, wellbeing or health.

One trend that’s taken over the beauty space on social media is cutting your own hair, specifically bangs.

While many hairdressers are advising people stay away from the scissors, many haven’t let that sway them including Bella Hadid.

The model took to Instagram yesterday to show that she had given herself a whole new look with a few snips.

“I cut my bangs,” the 23-year-old said on her Instagram story showing of her new fringe, with the rest of her hair in an updo.

Bella Hadid cuts bangs

The model then asked her followers if they would let her cut their bangs, to which the overwhelming majority responded saying “yes”.

One friend, whom Hadid is presumably self-isolating with, Leah even let the star cut her hair.

Bella Hadid cuts bangs

Whilst we would definitely recommend everyone stays away from giving themselves the snip, we’re definitely digging Hadid’s new hairstyle.

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Images: Instagram