When it comes to spreading an important message, Bella Hadid never shies away.

In doing so, Hadid recently opened up about her battles with the autoimmune disorders she suffers from.

The supermodel candidly shared a series of photos to Instagram of herself hooked up to an IV.

“Living with a few chronic autoimmune diseases = always finding time for my IVs,” she said.


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One of the autoimmune diseases Hadid suffers from is Lyme disease, which she has previously referred to as an “invisible” condition.

Last year, the supermodel took to Instagram to give an insight to her fans about the illness she has struggled with throughout her teenage years and young adulthood.

“Every day I feel at least 10 of these attributes without fail … since I was probably 14, but more aggressively when I turned 18,” she said, also sharing an infographic of the many symptoms that Lyme disease sufferers go through.

The Palestinian-Dutch model was diagnosed with the disease in 2012, which is contracted through a tick bite. Her younger brother Anwar Hadid and mother Yolanda Hadid also suffer from the condition.

Per the Mayo Clinic, initial symptoms of Lyme disease include a rash “forming a bull’s-eye pattern” as well as fever, chills, fatigue and headaches, but with the right antibiotics and early diagnosis, most people make a full recovery. However, for some, they suffer long-term effects of Lyme disease.

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