Follow Kate Moss and get bronzed like a supermodel with the help of St. Tropez Self Tan.

St. Tropez has long been the leader of the fake-tan pack and with their new first lady, Miss Moss (no less) they are sure to see sales of their miracle bronzer skyrocket.

“I’m so excited to be working with St.Tropez. I’ve been using the products since they started and it’s a really trustworthy, cool brand. I always feel more confident with a St.Tropez tan, ” says the iconic beauty as she prepares for her close-up.



Celebrity skin finishing expert, Nichola Joss, takes us through the motions for a faultless fake tan.

Stage 1: The Preparation

Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Polish Dhs120 St. Tropez at Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall

1. Firstly, exfoliate the night before and moisturise elbows, knees hands and feet.

Stage 2: The application


Self Tan Bronzing Mousse Dhs260 St. Tropez at Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall

2. Apply two pumps of the product onto the tanning mitt using large sweeping motions for a natural finish. The self-tanning mousse used with the application mitt, creates smooth streak-free natural colour.

Stage 3: The upkeep

prep_&_maintain_moisturiserPrep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Moisturiser Dhs90 and Application Mitt Dhs36 St. Tropez at Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall

3. Moisutrise everyday and remember to exfoliate so your tan fades naturally and you will have a great looking tan for up to 5 days.

Cue the stampede at beauty counters everywhere!