Kate Middleton’s facial of choice has landed in Dubai, and it’s creating a bit of a buzz.

The so called ‘bee sting’ facial made headlines in the UK after the Duchess of York revealed she’s a fan. NStyle International has launched the treatment, created by facialist to the stars Deborah Mitchell, along with her range of organic skincare products, Heaven.

The anti-ageing facial is hailed as the all-natural alternative to Botox, with skin tightening, line reduction and skin plumping on the menu. The main appeal of the 75-minute facial is that it combines the relaxing qualities of a spa treatment with the measurable benefits of a medical procedure. A-list devotees to Deborah’s venom include Victoria Beckham, Dannii Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow.


The bee venom product favoured by celebs


We hotfooted it down to the launch of Heaven at NStyle, Dubai Mall, to chat to Deborah over one of her famous bee stings:

“Camilla introduced Kate to my products,” Deborah says of her royal clients. “They’re both lovely. I give Kate a bee sting facial regularly.” Needless to say we felt we were in good hands as she began our treatment. After a deep-cleanse, stripping away a days worth of make-up and city air, she gently exfoliated our face, chest and arms.


Deborah Mitchell launches her product line, Heaven, at Nstyle

“You should never steam and squeeze spots,” Deborah told us, as her fingers circled a pimple on our cheek. “If you use the right products and leave them until they’re on the surface, they just come out – like that!” she exclaimed as the stubborn pimple disappeared.

“Never steam your face before you squeeze spots either,” she continued. “That’s how you break veins. Just do some light exercise so your pores open naturally.”

With our skin feeling fresh but not overworked, Deborah applied toner before beginning a head, face, neck and shoulder massage. It’s clear why her facials are so famous – we almost drifted off to sleep.

After another deep-cleanse and some light foot reflexology, the bee venom mask was applied. Though there was a mild tingling sensation, it was pleasant rather than uncomfortable.


Purchase the full bee sting kit at NStyle

After the treatment we were amazed. Going sans make-up in public is a scary prospect, but our skin looked supple and fresh.  You can put make-up on after the facial, as a copper and iron primer is applied to ensure that your skin is protected, but with such a healthy glow, you wouldn’t want to.

“Your skin looks amazing!” Deborah told us. And we had to agree. We walked out of Dubai Mall feeling like a princess.

The Bee Sting Facial is Dhs550 at Nstyle International. The full Heaven by Deborah Mitchell range is also available at the salon. Call 800 678953 or visit here 

Main image: Getty