To mark Holy Month, Bahraini artist Hala Al Abbasi has partnered with Instagram to create a series of  Ramadan stickers which were released last week.

More than mere aesthetic add-ons, these Instagram stickers have become a vital element of everyone’s feed, as users can get creative on the platform while showcasing their authenticity. The first sticker released by the Bahraini artist includes a beautiful mosque, created to portray the simplicity of the month, the second sticker showcases the traditional food used for breaking a fast with tea and dates with the last image highlighting crescent and stars, depicting moments celebrated during Ramadan

Discussing the milestone achievement, Al Abbasi said she was inspired by her favourite aspects of the holiday and chose to reflect on the “beautiful moments that we share together”.

Emirates Woman sat down with Al Abbasi on how her collaboration with Instagram came about and what led her to become an illustrator.

Can you talk us through your career?

I am a Bahraini designer, artist and illustrator. I am very passionate about what I do and love to create new amazing things for people with my designs and express myself through my art as I continue on my mission to spread love and joy with people.

What inspired you to become an artist?

I started my art journey when I was a child in my early years, I grew up loving to draw and express through this creative art form. My mother encouraged me to do what I love and improve my skills, as I continued to try new things with handicrafts and art. I went through my phases with my art, using a lot of materials until I experienced digital art and chose to focus on it to eventually become an illustrator. I felt like I finally found what I love most and the way I can express myself through it, to be free and use as many colours and shades as much as I want and share it easily with the world. I found my passion and joy in it, as I really wanted to spread the same through the digital world with people all around as I wish to grow and bring them into my life.

How did your collaboration with Instagram come about?

Instagram approached me because they loved my work and my name had been on their list, so they eventually chose me to create Ramadan stickers for the first time this year.


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What’s the inspiration behind the sticker designs?

Ramadan is the most beautiful, spiritual and elevating month in the Islamic calendar. It encourages people to develop new good habits and continue the progress. Muslims tend to wait for the month’s moon to appear before they announce the first day of Ramadan. Also, once the sun sets, people break their fast starting with dates and water followed by an iftar meal. When Ramadan rolls around, people put forth an extra effort to be the best versions of themselves and tend to go to mosques to pray the Taraweeh prayer besides the five prayers. Keeping in mind this aura, spirit and inspiration, I created the stickers to share the most important and beautiful moments of Ramadan with people.

What does this collaboration mean for you and representation for the GCC?

I am very grateful and so happy to be chosen by the Instagram team. I really loved and enjoyed working with them and am so proud to be the first in the region to work on the stickers and share them with the world. This amazing opportunity has a very special place in my heart, the love that I have put into my work has been everything to me to share and spread that with the people around the world.

What are your goals for 2021?

To create more amazing things, work on other big projects and collaborate with big brands when I get any opportunity.

To use them, open your Instagram Story tray and add your favourite sticker to your story. You’ll see stories with these stickers from people you follow all in a shared story as shown in the post.

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Feature image: Pexels